Waterfalls Russia.

Argued that endlessly pouring water can contemplate fleeing clouds and burning fire.In fact, this process calms and delights.Many people admit that they like to watch the waterfalls.

Every moment changes the picture of the cascade of water falling, never for a moment does not stop its sound.Waterfalls are a variety!They then gently whispered something quietly grumble, and sometimes loudly declare themselves.And how their picturesque cascades!The falling water seemed to boil, losing its transparent color.

In ancient times people believed sacred waterfalls.Names tried to give these natural phenomena mifilogicheskie.Locals often sacrificed in the turbulent river waterfall.On the falling water, a legend.People thought that live in waterfalls water spirits and talking with each other and create noise.

Waterfalls Russia

Can our country to declare that it is rich in interesting waterfalls?Despite the fact that most of Russia is located on a plain, yet the country has a considerable number of waterfalls.

The highest of them - willow.It is included in the category "The biggest waterfalls of Russia."It is this natural site in a conservation area of ​​Taimyr, in the Central Siberian Plateau.Willow waterfall truly can cause dizziness.After his streams of water coming down from the mountain into the lake from a height of 920 meters!This can be compared with the height of the 160-storey building!Surprisingly, the water flow of the miraculous appearance of the season.Falls there are about 2 months.Its length equals 482 meters cascade.

Other miracles

Another famous waterfall - Zeygelansky.He ranks second in height among waterfalls in Russia and Europe.Zeygelan located high in the mountains.According to experts, the flow of the waterfall depends on the temperature of the air at the moment.The biggest water discharge is in August.When, during the cool season stops to melt the glacier, the waterfall there are only traces of damp.

Falls winter

List "Waterfalls Russia" complements mysterious wonder of nature, which is located above the Arctic Circle.This waterfall, reminiscent of its kind musical organ.His giant "musical icicles" involuntarily suggest the idea of ​​muzykalnyeh pipes!Waterfall amenable to freeze gradually.Feeding him the river is covered with ice first.The rate of water flow is reduced.Because of the resulting ice caps reduces the pressure and volume of the falling stage.

millions of drops of water vapor and turn into frost gray and appear at the edges of the waterfall.Splashes of water transformed into ice, too bizarre forms.After these transformations the waterfall is not falling, but slowly flows through the ice formed.

Gradually slow freezing of the water source.Eventually formed ice wall, surrounded by many icicles.At the bottom of the waterfall produces large chunks of ice.Curiously, invisible in the warmer months, streams flowing down the slopes of a carefree, too, it turns into little waterfalls frozen.From a distance they look like writhing snakes frozen.

Hot waterfalls

Continuing further review on "Waterfalls Russia", take a look at the Kamchatka Valley of Geysers.It is said that there are hot springs.Tourists in a hurry in these places to witness the unusual natural phenomena.In Kamchatka popular are excellent sources of water: Tolmachevskaya, White, Key and others.This is a very beautiful waterfalls!Photo prove it once again.

wonder of nature - a waterfall on the rattlesnake key - located on the slopes of an active volcano Koshelev.There are knocked out of the ground Steam jet rattlesnake keys.From these sources, hot river begins at a temperature of 90 degrees.Unusual river, running down a steep channel, forms rapids and waterfalls.

Travelers gladly bathe and take a massage in the hot water jets.Experts believe that the sound of the waterfall has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system.All the tourists go away from the waterfall cheerful, elated.

Waterfalls Abkhazia

most outstanding waterfall in the country located in the northern part of the Gagra ridge at an altitude of 530 meters above sea level, near the river Gega.This river has a length of 25 km and is considered the largest tributary of the Bzyb.Gega takes on a very picturesque gorge.The river forms a bizarre rapids and waterfalls.Gegsky waterfall is located 5 kilometers from the road to the famous Lake Riza.To get to this object can be from spring to fall.In winter, the road inaccessible.It is covered with snow.

on one of the segments of the path of the river Gega goes karst crevice.The flow of the river long strayed through underground corridors, then he falls down, turning into a beautiful waterfall!It is called Gegsky or Circassian waterfall.The water in the ice source.The temperature is so low in this zone that at the foot of the mountain from which water falls, until the end of summer snow.

Unusual waterfall

Perhaps you should pay attention to another Abkhaz waterfall.It is formed by the waters of the river Shakuran, which originates in the highlands Tsebelda.Himself waterfall hidden in niches, which were formed erosion and weathering of soft rock.It is called Varyalsky.Unusual waterfall is the cascade of water falling on a solid cone stone amphitheater, standing in the middle of the backwaters.

himself cone is not eroded, and eventually just gets stronger and increases in size.On Varyalsky nice waterfall and enjoy the top and bottom.You can go down the stairs.During the descent rough vegetation on the rocks will delight the eyes of tourists.Travelers recognized that Abkhazia beautiful waterfalls.Photo image of falling water tourists are happy to show their friends.

If during the tour the weather was sunny, the stream of falling water in the rays shimmer like jewels.The most favorable time visiting the waterfall - a season of snow melt.

Waterfall in Moscow

Gremyachiy key - it cascades on the river.Facility is located in a rather picturesque place of Moscow region, 14 kilometers from Sergiev Posad.The name of the waterfall speaks for itself.The sound of falling water is not just noisy and rattles.The local population is sometimes called the river waterfall Malinniki.

That's the name of this village is a guide for the passage of the famous source.Gremyachiy considered a key pilgrimage site and tourist attraction.

When Hot key is available, the church and the chapel of St. Sergius of Radonezh.Gremyachiy key - the three sources that are located on a high bluff.Brooks seemed to erupt out of crevices and are interconnected to form a fairly high waterfall in the suburbs.

Interesting about Gremyachiy key

strong streams of water falling from this key limestone slope in three wooden troughs.The water temperature during the year - 6 ° C.Water falls into the river Vondiga.This place is considered to be sacred, and the water from Gremyachy key - healing.

That is why to seek the source of Russian and foreign tourists.By Gremyachiy key a wooden staircase.To the right of the stairs is swimming.This body of water indoors, which falls on the roof of the waterfall.

In the water you can dip in the font, or simply stand by a cascade of falling water on the top deck.In both cases, the feeling will be positive!Experts note that the chemical composition Gremyachy key equates to Kislovodsk seltzer, but the concentration of salts in it is much lower.

road to the waterfall is lined with multi-colored carpet of flowers honesty.This is a fairly rare plant in suburban forests.These flowers fringed velvet Polyanka Gremyachiy key, causing the desire to return to this unusual place again.