A fascinating journey, or a beautiful city names

For travelers often plays a key role resting place, its characteristics and features, rather than the name.In this case, the principle of "no-name paint area and the area name," and in this context we often fall in love with the name of the cities in which we were the best.Beautiful city names are more common in Europe, they are pleasant and melodic sounds to our ears.But it falls into this category and many Russian towns whose names sounded charming and in our native language.

Romance city museums

believed that the most beautiful cities in the world title are concentrated in the historical area, in the Mediterranean.It is noteworthy that this region is located between the two parts of the world - Europe and Asia, and all the settlements that there has ever been, or is, so far, are very beautiful names.Many cities of the former Roman Empire survived to the present day.Among them, Rome, Florence, Venice.Along with them, you can highlight areas of very beautiful here in Liguria, Tuscany, Sicily.Agree delight to the ear?

neighbor Italy - Greece also has beautiful names of cities, which are located in its territory.This Athens, Kallithea, Heraklion.It is noteworthy that, in addition to the most beautiful names of these towns have managed to preserve their territories stunning beauty of architectural monuments.You can admire them forever, and they gradually become synonymous with the names of cities.

Ancient East - the sophistication and beauty

surprising that the beautiful names of the cities of the ancient world were more milozvuchnymi on the territory of the Middle East.Firstly, it is the center of origin of the Akkadian civilization city of Ashur.Several centuries later, it was replaced by a magnificent Nineveh.In the south, the same king of Mesopotamia housed powers of the time - Babylon, with its famous, has not yet been dug up from the golden sands tower.In Egypt there are two metropolis with a beautiful name - Memphis and Alexandria.In present-day Turkey, which once was known as Anatolia and Cappadocia (the names are very attractive to the ear), it was the legendary city of Troy, famous for its history with the wooden horse.

But Syria has such beautiful names of cities like Damascus, alalia, Amarna, and others.It is noteworthy that most of these names still exist.An exception may be considered Memphis, who changed his name to no less beautiful - Cairo.

Spain - modern storehouse of unique

country located in the south-west of the European continent, is famous for being a beautiful city names.List them, we will not list, but only go through the most famous, which are unique not only for its sound, but also the architecture.

begin the journey to Spain, perhaps, is a de Catalunya, where the center of Barcelona.This is the name that's already a lot of centuries booming all over the world and there is something in the creative sphere of life, in sports, in tourism.

Below is Valencia, and even closer to the south stretch the field Dorrada Costa, Costa del Sol, Costa Brava.Among the cities of this country you can isolate a complex, but very beautiful name - La Manga del Mar Menor.It is important to note that the Spanish colonization of South America has led to the spread of the culture in the wider area.So, the beautiful city names that are spoken and written in this language can be found in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and many other countries.

distant and mysterious North

nicely recognized and Scandinavian names of settlements.It is important to note that on this peninsula adjoin the Roman-Germanic and Finno-Ugric peoples, so the names of local geographical units are fundamentally different.Rigor and majesty filled the capital of Sweden - Stockholm.Along with him appear Ostersund Malmo, Skellefteå and Sundsvall.Finland is known for the famous cities of Helsinki, viitasaari, Tornio, Rovaniemi and Nielsen.Most importantly, in many communities these cold countries, even the youngest, survived the primitive traditions and culture of these people, which gives them more charm and glamor.

Surprise of the new century - South Africa and its heritage

Who would have thought that in the vastness of the southernmost point of the African continent will increase real urban jungle, who will wear the most beautiful names.Among the cities that their panoramas more like America, select Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth and East London.These are unique names of these settlements obliged the synthesis of local languages ​​and English, who came here after the British colonization.

Russia and its uniqueness

to our compatriots the most beautiful - the names of cities in Russia and mainly the native capital of Moscow, which, in its every letter is unique and individual.

St. Petersburg - an ancient and incredibly beautiful city.

Distant metropolis also wear beautiful names: Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Astrakhan, Arkhangelsk, Kaliningrad.It is safe to say that in Russia a lot more places, regions and cities with the most beautiful names, but list them in a single article is impossible.