How to lose weight in 10 days by 5 kg in the home?

Despite the fact that standards of beauty nowadays suffer changes, the majority of women still tend to drop weight.Someone wears himself a strict diet and someone spends his days in the gym.But what if you need to lose weight for 10 days by 5 kg?This you will learn in this article.

it possible to lose weight in 10 days by 5 kg in the home?

highly Any nutritionist will tell you that the rapid discharge weight is very dangerous.But that does not stop thousands of women around the world to try the most radical extreme weight loss methods.However, to lose weight by 5 kg for 10 days without harm to health is realistic.It is enough to consume salt and stop for a while to include in the diet of laxatives and diuretics.Such an approach would withdraw excess fluid and clean the intestines.Within 7-10 days, you will lose a few kilograms and will benefit your body.

Unfortunately, this method is rarely women choose.After the lost fluid quickly returns with new weight.But we want to see lasting results.That is why there are increasing radical weight loss methods, which we'll talk today.

How dangerous rapid weight loss?

harm rapid weight loss for the body is obvious.It is not only a lot of stress to the internal organs, but also the risk of complications in hormonal levels.In addition, during rapid weight loss body burns domestic stocks, which inevitably leads to the accumulation of toxins.While low weight loss when they have time to leave the body.But we know that toxins can cause sickness, weakness and even poisoning.

Many women say that at extremely rapid weight loss have lost menstruation.This is due to the hormonal failure, so the appearance of this problem should immediately contact a specialist.

Contraindications for quick weight loss

Any strict diet regardless of its duration is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.Indeed, in this period it is very important to saturate the body with nutrients that come only with the correct and healthy food.

In addition, it is impossible to put on a diet of children under 16 years.Growing organisms just need good nutrition.A breach of any of its inevitably lead to a shortage of vitamins and hormonal crash.Even adults are advised to take dietary supplements and vitamin supplements in compliance with any diet.Needless to say that such stress teenager simply unacceptable.

In no case do not resort to strict diets, if you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.This requires consultation of a professional nutritionist who will choose for you the best way to gentle weight loss.

But how to lose weight in 10 days by 5 kg in the home for those who do not have any contraindications?

Lose Weight on the protein diet method Ducane

In recent years, gained widespread popularity so-called protein diet.It has created a French physician Pierre Ducane based on the experience of one of his clients.Gradually, the popularity of this diet and has reached our country.

based on Dyukanu food intake of protein foods include: white meat, fish, dairy products, eggs and so on.The first few days you need only consume these products.And only after 5-7 days may be administered in the diet of carbohydrates in the form of fresh vegetables and cereals.Thus it is necessary to exclude from their salt and sugar supply.

Lose Weight in 10 Days 5 kg protein is quite real.Gradually, this food can become a way of life.However, be aware of possible complications.Excessive intake of protein foods can lead to poisoning, which is quite difficult to be treated.If you have any ailments need to immediately stop the diet and consult a doctor.Even in his book, Dr. Pierre Ducane indicates that you can not begin to eat according to his procedure without prior examination of the body and consult a specialist.

liquid diet as a way to lose weight quickly

Today also popular to get rid of extra kilos with the help of liquid food.The basis of this diet includes smoothies, which are the cocktails based on fresh fruits and vegetables.This drink is a substitute for breakfast, lunch and dinner.You can choose their own ingredients for a smoothie.The main thing - to use only fresh and ripe products.

Lose 5 kg in 10 days on a liquid diet can be.However, remember that after this time you need to go back to their previous full diet.Liquid diets can be used several times a year as a way to cleanse the body and quickly lose a few extra kilos.

consider calories and losing weight!

This method is known to mankind for a long time.And it works on the principle of limiting the amount of food intake.However, not all as easy as it seems at first glance.

The average rate for an adult ranges from 1800 to 2000 calories.This is enough to maintain your current weight and wellness.If a person eats more calories without burning them with exercise, it will inevitably gain weight.While the consumption of fewer calories leads to weight loss.

proved that weight loss for the average woman should consume about 1,300 calories.However, this figure is dynamic, depending on the individual.Give the exact figure can only be a specialist in the field of proper nutrition.

If you are determined to lose weight in 10 days by 5 kg by counting calories, then you will need electronic kitchen scale.With them you will be eaten every day to weigh products and compare them with a special caloric table.If for some reason you have exceeded the daily norm, it should include any physical activity that would avoid the formation of excess kilogram.

Gastronomic restrictions as a way to lose weight

quickly lose weight and gradually move to a proper diet, you can by eliminating some products from your daily diet.Even nutritionists argue that stopped using sweet, flour, salt and fried, you can lose weight in 10 days by 5 kg.Diet The transport is very easy, as all the other products are available in any amount.Such an approach is the principle of a healthy diet, which should become a way of life for anyone who wants to maintain a beautiful body for many years.

However kilos you lose in the first few days will be just extra water that accumulates in the body.Get rid of the body fat can be just a few months of good nutrition.But this method is recognized as the safest in the world of nutrition.

Lose Weight in 10 Days 5 kg without dieting - is it possible?

Not everyone is able to withstand even a strict diet for 10 days.But all want to look attractive and youthful.How to be?In this case, you will be regular exercise, which can be carried out both at home and in the gym.Ask your coach to make you an individual program of intensive training, which will help to quickly get rid of the fat and build muscle.

However, you should not have any illusions about the rapid weight loss.Lose weight for 10 days by 5 kg, doing exercise, is unlikely.After all, even with intensive training you can lose a maximum of 1-2 kg per week.But a few months of regular exercise will bear fruit.

reviews the methods of losing weight fast weight loss

judge the effectiveness of any method of weight loss can be solely on the experience of real people.The same applies to extreme weight loss.So how really lose weight in 10 days by 5 kg?

Reviews prove that techniques such as Dukan Diet and liquid food, pretty hard tolerated.There is a general malaise and weakness throughout the period of weight loss.However, these methods bring tangible benefits in the form of dumped 3-5 kilograms.

Lose Weight in 10 Days 5 kg on counting calories is also very real.However, this method requires preparation and care for each food consumed.But women most often choose counting calories due to the fact that we can not even afford a piece of your favorite cake.

According to users, the most effective and safe diet is a dietary restrictions.Of course, you can not lose 5 kilos in a week.However, this method is considered the best in terms of dietetics.And it shows the experience of thousands of women worldwide who were able to obtain the figure of your dreams.

If you are unhappy with their appearance, do not rush to resort to drastic way to lose weight.After all, health is above admiring glances.And to treat the effects of dangerous techniques, which often leads to chronic diseases, it is very difficult.