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Very beautiful semi-precious mineral fluorite is considered.Stone, whose properties were known even in ancient times, got its name from the Latin word «fluor», means "within."It is also called Transvaal, South African and false emerald plavikom.Fully explore the crystal was only in 1546 Agricola, the German scientist who gave a gem and such a strange name.

In nature, there are stones of different colors, mostly it yellow, green, purple, blue, pink or even colorless.Very rarely, but are practically black crystals.Fluorite is inherent variability in the intensity and uneven coloring, there are even spotted and striped varieties.Net is very difficult to extract the mineral, its color resembles the leading-clear, bright colors of yellow, blue, green, pink and other colors speak of impurities of elements such as iron, uranium, thorium, chlorine.

In Canada, Greenland, Germany, USA, Italy, Norway, Tajikistan mined fluorite-rock.Photos mineral attracts many connoisseurs of jewelry works, why it is used in jewelry as inserts in pendants, earrings, rings, pendants.To date, the largest reserves are concentrated in the crystal Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and have it in Russia.

For several centuries, many healers in their practice using fluorite-rock.The properties are very strong, so the crystals were people suffering from severe headaches and frequent migraines.It was also believed that the mineral can help in multiple sclerosis and epilepsy, as has a big impact on the brain and cardiovascular system.Fluorite is a perfect assistant for meteodependent people, as it helps their condition at the time of the change of weather conditions.

normalize sleep, get rid of nightmares and insomnia, calm the nervous system is also capable of fluorite-rock.Its properties are not yet fully understood, but nevertheless it is made special balls used for tonic and restorative massage for the face and entire body.At constant wearing mineral owners feel a lot better, it seemed, the body heals and strengthens.Crystal soothes, protects against stress, relieves headaches, and all this, of course, affects the general condition of the person.

In India especially revered fluorite.The magical properties of this stone supposedly very strong, so it is not only revered but also feared.Since the mineral is not fully understood, it is not known what to expect from him.Gem helps to capture and decode the signals sent from the universe, so the balls used by magicians for meditation, seances, and predictions of the future.Astrologers still can not say exactly which of the signs of the zodiac suitable fluorite-rock.Its properties help women deal with emotions, prevent tantrums, and men mineral gives good luck and success in your endeavors.