regions of North America, which houses the United States, has a convenient structure of the land fund and large land resources.Unfavorable for agriculture lands and natural conditions prevail only in Alaska.In the United States, along with the adjacent Canada has developed the world's largest and most productive agricultural sector.This set covers all areas of crops and livestock.USDA steadily grows and develops due to the fact that there are established specialized huge agricultural belt - "corn", "wheat", "tobacco", "cotton" and the like.

Such a developed agriculture enables the United States is a world leader in the export of food products.This is achieved through mechanization, modern infrastructure and specialization of production.Agriculture is based on the development of farms, which in his work is almost one hundred percent reach marketability.The average size of farms in the country of about 50 hectares.Crop the United States is a leader in the agricultural sector of the country.2/3 of the total area occupied by grain crops.The main cereal crop is wheat, but fodder crops (maize, sorghum, etc.) is going to significantly higher."Wheat" zone extends almost the entire territory of the country from Texas in the south to the Canadian steppes.The grain harvest of over 90 million tons.

national culture is US corn, its collection of 256 million tonnes is almost half of the collection all over the world.The bulk of the maize is intended for feeding livestock.Is "corn" zone in the central plains (Illinois, Iowa, and surrounding areas).It is the largest area of ​​corn in the world.Among oil crops occupy a special place legumes.Their collection is constantly growing, reaching 70 million tonnes: this is 3/5 of the world total.These cultures are used as cattle feed and in food (soy oil and other products).Also, US agriculture has a long tradition of growing cotton, he was in the 19th century, the main export commodity.Cotton is grown in Texas and southern mountain states on irrigated land, mainly cultivated long-fiber-quality varieties.

importance US attaches to agriculture cultivation of sugar cane and sugar beet.In the western states, primarily sugar beet growers and the Gulf Coast and Hawaii, sugar cane, besides him in the Hawaiian Islands are the main crop of pineapples.In California and Florida collected almost all citrus fruits and flowers.The country ranks first in the world in the production of tobacco.The main area of ​​cultivation of tobacco is a Richmond, Virginia, which is the "capital of tobacco."On the southern coast of the Great Lakes, in California there are vineyards and large gardens.Besides agriculture, the north east of the United States (Maine) is the largest in the Americas region growing blueberries.

in overall agricultural production account for about 2/3 of livestock products.This area is highly productive, as provided powerful forage.It specializes in breeding livestock US beef cattle and dairy.Also, widespread and production of pigs, it specializes in "corn" zone.Most of the industrial area of ​​Agriculture is growing meat chickens (broilers), grown to 4 billion chickens a year.USDA is rampant and manufactures a variety of products, due to it not only provides its own needs for food and industrial crops, but also releases large volumes of products for export.