How to save on the Cote d'Azur

There is a stereotype: the Côte d'Azur - a haven of millionaires and movie stars, but ordinary tourists there doing nothing, unless the first day not to leave there a monthly salary.Despite the fact that the south of France have chosen really beautiful and rich, here it is possible to have a good rest.We advise on what can be good save.


on the Cote d'Azur two main airports - Nice and Marseille.They share their 2-2.5 hours in the car, so it is better to decide on the plans and accommodation."Aeroflot" has direct flights to Nice, and not a season ticket there and back is quite possible to buy for 13-15 thousand rubles.With a transfer ticket will cost 9-10 thousand.

to Marseille and the ticket price is not high at all: about 10-11 thousand rubles (Air France, direct flight).

From Nice Airport to the city center can be reached in several ways.The most economical - city bus (Route 52, 59, 70, 94, 400 and 500).The fare will cost 1.5 euros.City bus stop is located near the exit and called Aéroport Promenade.

will cost more expensive special bus route 98 or 99, which run every 20 minutes between the airport and / Railway station or the city center - 6 euros.But this ticket will be free to go on a nice day.

ride in public transport costs 1.5 euros.If you are going to travel to cities coast will be beneficial to purchase Pass 31 - a monthly pass, which is valid throughout Lazurca (buses and trams).Cost - 40 euros.The travel for the day will cost € 5 (includes transportation from the airport).


Of course, as is the case with other European cities, to stay in Nice or Cannes is much cheaper than a hotel.A small studio near the sea will cost 50-70 euros.You can also stay in youth hostels, where there are not enough.


Restaurants Cote d'Azur is famous not only for its quality but also prices.Tourists often complain that the food here is more expensive than in Paris.The first advice to travelers: do not eat in the tourist areas and close to the waterfront.The closer to the boardwalk - the higher the price tag of dishes.It is necessary to choose the bars and cafes in the depths of the city, where the price for a glass of rose is not higher than 3-4 euros.Also, if you stay in the apartment will be profitable to buy products on the markets of the famous Cote d'Azur and prepare yourself.Wine, cheese, baguette - that a light dinner of the French connoisseur!


If plans - travel the city the French coast, an indispensable tool will COTEDAZURCARD 3 (39 euros) or 6 days (54 euros), which gives unlimited access to more than 115 attractions, settling down in the Maritime Alps,Principality of Monaco and the Var.One of the partners of the card are the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco Foundation Magician in Saint Paul de Vence, the company organizing trips by boat to the two Lérins Islands, Park Wolves Alpha in Saint-Martin-Vezubi, the Picasso Museum in Antibes and many others.

In addition to the 115 attractions package "all inclusive" (gives the right to every single visit attractions included in the list) card Riviera also offers discounts offered by the company that organizes leisure (hiking, rafting, canyoning, climbing, paragliding ....), as well as private companies (Marineland, Galeries Lafayette, inexpensive car rental ...).

Many museums Cote d'Azur - municipal, so entering in free.For example, you can visit the museum free of Matisse, Museum of Contemporary Art, the Palace Lascaris, as well as the arena and baths of Cimiez in Nice.

Olga Bebekina

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