How to calm down before the exam: advice of psychologists

in a person's life is constantly there are situations when it is necessary to pass the exams.This occurs most often in young age.But later, each of us must prove their professional, intellectual and social viability.Therefore, almost all the people throughout the life of the state is accompanied by examination stress.And if in this period did not take his emotions and fears under control, it is possible to greatly harm their health.

Oddly enough, no one specifically teaches the ability to pass exams - not therapists or psychologists.However, possession of psycho skills would be very useful.They allow not only to effectively prepare for the delivery of a variety of disciplines, but also to behave, as well as their own emotions.In this article we will tell you how to calm down before the exam, and give some useful advice on this subject.Let's get started.

Tips for preparing for the exams.Equip place to practice

Remove loose items and conveniently arrange the necessary aids, textbooks, pencils, notebooks, and so on. D. According to psychologists, it is useful to introduce into their environment purple and yellow flowers, as they contribute to the intellectual activity.Do not do this for cosmetic repairs and glue wallpaper.It is enough to hang a simple picture in their respective colors.You can even draw them yourself.

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Make a plan

People who know how to calm down before the exam in the SAI, are well aware of its importance.It is necessary to estimate the total volume of the material and distribute it to study for a few days.Very important specifics.For example, the plan should not be recording "a little exercise."Prescribe all sections of the object, which will now be studied.

Master the most difficult material with "fresh" head

The same applies to the section that you know worse than others.But sometimes the opposite situation, when there are no desire to engage in, and in a head did not go.Then useful to begin with a study of more interesting material.This will help to overcome the laziness and join in the work.

Take a break

Psychologists advise: alternate work and rest.This advice is often neglected by those who do not know the answer to the question: "How to calm down before the exam, but do not lose a reaction?" To maintain the concentration of important regular rest.For example, for every 50 minutes studies make a 10 minute break.During the pause, you can do exercise, water flowers, play with the pet, and others.

Monitor the learning process

At the end of the day check the degree of assimilation of the studied material.Write down all the questions that have worked for the day.

not bison!

Do not try to learn all of the material by heart.The main task - not to memorize and understand.So try to concentrate on the key ideas.

not panic

It happens that at the time of preparation of the person has thought about the impossibility to learn all the stuff, and he does not know how to calm down before the exam.Most often, this can happen if there is no concrete plan, which we wrote above.It's time to make it.Also, experts recommend using the following method: select the lightest of all the material, interesting topics and learn them in the first place.And questions looks like a Chinese puzzle, until later.Even if you do not get to learn all the theory, a certain part of it, you'll know at a very high level.

Get rid of negative thoughts

If you are wondering, "How to calm down before the exam in the police?", We advise the following: do not just think about the possibility of failure.Mentally draw a picture of the successful completion, a light bitter response.Thoughts about the possible failure are destroyed.They greatly reduce the motivation to engage in and interfere.In order to avoid them completely focus on the set of educational tasks.

day before the exam.Select the day to repeat

For example, if you do not know how to calm down before the exam on the music, then the day before the "X hours" unlearning repeat work or a song from morning to evening.Do this in front of a mirror as if speaking to a real teacher.Break all the material in the part and work with each order.Focus on those areas that cause embarrassment.Use


the exam nobody forbids to use the records you made in the preparations for the answer.At the same time watch out for your voice, facial expressions, gestures and posture.Your appearance and your speech should express confidence in their own knowledge.We know that the gestures, posture, voice, not only "give" the current state of man, but also capable of feedback influence him.That is starting to sound confident, calm voice, you do get to feel confident and relaxed.

mentally relive the situation

At the end of the school year, many students wonder, "How to calm down before the exam, the exam?" You can try a way to "experience the situation."In just a few days before the "hour X" represents the passage of the exam in all colors and with relevant experiences, phobias, and "scary thoughts": Here you enter the class, you take the ticket, ready, go out to answer, and so on. D. To begin with, imagine likeYou dry throat or hands are shaking, but my head is not a single thought.Now do the opposite.How would you like to see passed the exam?Think about this: you take a ticket, concentration and prepare calmly and confidently respond to the examination board without feeling any fear.Imagine all this as specific as possible, in every detail.Do this several times, you will see the effectiveness of this method.

Bring the situation to absurdity

If you are very afraid and did not know how to calm down before the exam, psychologists recommend the use of technique "reductio ad absurdum".Scare yourself as much as possible.Imagine the terrible details of the most unbelievable and horrific consequences.If you are preparing together or in a group, you scare each other.It has long been known that the increase in the fear of reaction is paradoxical: instead of falling into depression, a person begins to understand the exaggeration of their own experiences.Even the most serious consequences do not look as bad as he had thought before.

Avoid alarmist

People of this type certainly do not know how to calm down before the exam (driving or other disciplines - does not matter).So the maximum move your meeting with these actors unbalanced, not to catch them panic.Ideal - do not communicate with them.It is better to arrive as late as possible.And take the example of the people who show up for the exam with a positive attitude.

Forget preparations

Recently, significantly increased the number of people taking nootropic drugs to enhance the activity of the brain.If you do, do not forget about the other side.Prolonged or misuse of nootropics is hyperstimulation of the brain, which manifests itself in the form of headaches, irritability, insomnia and increased irritability.It has a similar effect and sedatives.On the one hand, they soothe the nervous system, and on the other - strongly inhibit the brain, reducing the ability to concentrate and care in general.

Conclusion Now that you know how to calm down before the exam and not to worry about it.Everyone has heard the phrase: "In order to perfectly prepare lacking just one night."This is actually a myth.You are already tired and so well, so do not overwork yourself sitting up all night for the book.On the contrary, better take a walk in the fresh air in the evening and go to bed early.This will allow to sleep and get up in the morning refreshed, rested and even with some sense of healthy aggression.After the exam is a kind of struggle charm, which must be able to stand up for themselves.