Red mite (photo).

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Among the natural world of our planet there are the agents who bring harm to other animals, plants or humans.One of them is the red mite, which is common on all continents except Antarctica.It is a heavy pest that destroys crops such as cotton, soybeans, grapes, and cassava.

Biological features

red mite has a rounded body small size.It is covered with sparse bristles.Coloring can be different: yellow, brown, green.Often the body color on the uniform, and has dark spots on the sides.Males and females differ in size: the representatives of the male is smaller and has a more elongated shape.

Propagated red tick through deposition rounded eggs.Immediately after they are fixed on the sheet of a whitish color.As they develop, they become turbid and more yellow.At favorable temperature (15 ° C), the eggs ripen within 15 days, if the environment is warmed to 30 ° C, the larvae hatch in 2-3 days.If they are fertilized, of which there will be female, and if unfertilized - males.

larva differs from the adult in that it has three pairs of legs.After she otlinyala, it becomes a nymph, which is already similar to the mature individuals has 4 pairs of legs.The duration of one generation can be 7 to 36 days depending on the temperature.In autumn most of nymphs becomes wintering females.

Types ploskotelok

pautinchatyh There are many types of ticks, but the most common are:

  • Average - size can vary depending on its fatness.Color - from orange to bright red.Damages of about two hundred species of plants.
  • red spider - the size can range from a tenth of a millimeter to 2 mm.Color - all shades of red.Damages plants indoors.
  • red-spider - threatens many ornamental plants.Body often orange.
  • Atlantic spider - is widespread.Damages especially cucumbers.

more information about a

Red tick or cucujidae belongs to the family of spider mites.He is able to hit almost any plant, except those that grow in water.The debate unfolded about nerds violets.US scientists believe that the red mite is not violets.But the Russian-speaking sources say that the case of exceptional cases defeat Gesneriaceae.But experience shows that cucujidae not related to disease violet.More likely it is that it strikes another kind of mite that is very similar to pautinchatyh.

affected plants

red mite is polyphage (can eat both plant and animal food).The main advocates in his diet juice from the plant cells.Due to the presence of the parasite on the back of the sheets begin to form small white dots.Also different parts of the victim may present a fine web that his braid.If the disease develops severe, the leaves begin to turn white because of the many injuries, the web wraps the whole plant.Another can observe stirring masses which consist of the pests themselves.

damage from the disease

Red spider mite affects the plant in such a way that the cells begin to break down, photosynthesis ceases in them less active.Struck flora weakens and becomes more susceptible to a variety of infections.Sources say that the little red mite can be carriers of virus diseases of agricultural and ornamental crops, gray mold spores.


better conditions for the emergence of parasites are low humidity and dry air.Therefore, the plants were healthy, humidity should be high, and the leaves to be sprayed with water.This will not allow the disease occur.But it does not help if you have already found a red tick.Photos show that kind relating to a false Web, he loves to increased moisture.So before you apply any measures necessary to understand with what enemy you are fighting.

pest control

The main thing to remember is that red mite - not an insect, and the need to deal with it in other ways, as insecticides will not have any effect on him.In order to destroy it, should be applied insectoacaricide or acaricide.But there is a greater probability of poisoning them, and the man himself, because they are very dangerous for people.Therefore, the best option would be to use drugs enteric-contact influence.

treatment should be carried out carefully, repeated as many times as desired period of time.This will help lime such as red mite pest.Photos and other evidence suggests that the most effective and harmless products avermectin series.This "Fitoverm" "Aktofit" and "Vermitek".When used properly, these drugs they will bring the best results.Their main weakness is that they are not capable of infecting non-feeding females and eggs.Therefore, treatment should be carried out systematically.

To treatment worked, the temperature should not be below + 18 ° C.Keep in mind that the solution can be used within a day after the addition of water.If the ambient temperature of + 20 ° C, the process should be at least 3 times every 9-10 days.If the air is warmed up to + 30 ° C, then you need 3-4 such manipulations every 3-4 days.If this is not done, the females grow and postpone new eggs.

A few methods of combating

In addition to these funds, there are several equally effective drugs.For example, "Apollo".Its mechanism of action different.It poisons the eggs and larvae.Adults do not perish, but are sterilized.This leads to a drastic reduction of the population.Due to long-term effects it will require only 1-2 treatments.Also, its advantage is that it is not harmful to man.

If parasites bred in greenhouses or conservatories you can deal with them with the help of mites Phytoseiulus.This brings significant results without the use of chemicals.But their use has conditions.This high humidity, no chemical processing and high temperature.Another good remedy is drugs group "aktellik," but use them in a residential area is very dangerous.Under the influence of heat they evaporate, leading to the appearance of poisonous gas, which poisons all around.

Bite red mite

People are very afraid of tick bites, because it is very unpleasant and dangerous.These small pests can be carriers of various viruses and germs.Such an incident could threaten human encephalitis, arrhythmia, pneumonia, digestive problems and many disorders of all body systems.But pautinchaty red mites live and feed on plants and due to the damage it brings to them alone.Therefore this pest bites should not be afraid.

Thus pautinchaty red mite is a malicious pests and ornamental plants.Hitting them, he wraps a web of stems and leaves, which leads to wilting and death.To deal with them is difficult, so it is best to resort to prevention.While the man and did not have to worry about red tick bites, as it causes great damage to crops.