What is the safest car in the world in 2013 year?

In the past few years, the question of what kind of car is the safest, is becoming increasingly important.And it is not surprising, because the statistics for road accidents is growing, increasing the risk of accidents, and many other troubles.Therefore, automakers, in turn, try to make every effort to ensure that the safest car in the world was just their production.For this reason, each year hosts a variety of ratings and studies that show the current level of safety of a particular vehicle model.In this article we will look at what the safest car in the world at the moment.

«Audi A6»

first place in our ranking is precisely this German business sedan.At the last restyling engineers paid attention not only to the external appearance of the machine, but its level of security.The new model is completed with the latest active and passive impact protection in collisions.This system is kind of a night, and operational monitoring of blind spots, and even the sound warning the driver of a possible collision.Therefore, it is the "Audi-A6" is positioned as the safest car in 2013.

«BMW » 5 Series

second place in this ranking is too "German".The new "BMW" 5 series meets the most stringent safety standards.In addition to traditional cushions and 3-point belt, the novelty is equipped with a "smart" adaptive headlights and a collision avoidance system.Like the "Audi", the new "Boomer" is equipped with a night vision system that can significantly reduce the risk of accidents.


Closes the three new crossover Infinity EX35.Although it is not the safest car in the world in our rating, but it is equipped with the latest security systems and a bunch of electronics that, as in previous cases, warns the driver of potential collisions.When crash test "Infinity-EX35» is also held among the leaders.

«Merced with » E-Class

And again among the safest in the lead by the Germans.Although it is very strange that he was in fourth place.In contrast to the "Audi", the new "Mercedes" has staffed and controlled the movement of the machine with a circular monitoring.Also, smart electronics can automatically measure the level of sleepiness of the driver.


Oddly, but passenger car "Volvo", has successfully established itself as the safest car in the world for several decades, this year ranked only 5th place in the ranking.Last updated sedan was not only an attractive appearance, but also a lot of additional security systems.In addition to the devices, which warn the driver of blind spot, "Volvo-S60» equipped with adaptive headlights that automatically switch the light from the far to the near depending on road conditions.In addition, "skandinavets" has a special set of systems that inform the driver of his fatigue.If a person is asleep at the wheel after a few seconds in the cabin a loud squeak, which will save from the accident.