The wedding of Ivan the Terrible in the kingdom (briefly)

period preceding the reign of Ivan IV, the political and economic situation was difficult.Scattered Duchy odds with each other.Neighboring states - Lithuania, Germany, Poland - tried to seize the Moscow principality.Infighting and Tatar-Mongol raids were not allowed Russia quietly exist and develop.

Tsar Ivan the Terrible was the first Tsar of Russia Orthodox.The wedding of Ivan the Terrible in the kingdom was held in the Assumption Cathedral of the Kremlin, with a huge crowd of people.What is this man?How will manage the Rus in a rather difficult time?

Wedding ceremony

wedding of Ivan the Terrible to the kingdom promised to change for the better.The rite took place January 16, 1547, subject to the existing at the time of the Byzantine script.We used attributes such as Monomakh, cross life-giving tree, the royal scepter, and other religious items.Wedding ceremony was marked with pomp and grandeur.Present boyars, the nobility and church ministers were dressed in expensive decoration of brocade, gold and precious stones.

ringing of church bells, universal jubilation - all of this is a large, colorful holiday.The coronation of Ivan the Terrible determined his highest title, and Rus was equated with the Roman Empire.Moscow became the reigning city, and Russian land - Russian kingdom.Young Prince of Moscow was anointed with myrrh, that the religious concept means "chosen by God".The Church in all this was a specific interest: to achieve the priority in government and further strengthen Orthodoxy.

the coronation of Ivan the Terrible

Catholic rulers of these events were not approved.They thought Ivan IV impostor, and his wedding - unheard-of insolence.The period in which the Terrible had to reign proved to be very difficult.Six months after the wedding started a fire that destroyed tens of thousands of homes, property, livestock, food stocks.This is all that is necessary for life.And the worst thing that the fire killed more than one thousand people.Woe befell the people led to discontent and despair.Start a riot, rebellion, turmoil.The wedding of Ivan the Terrible in the kingdom turned into an ordeal for him.

It was necessary to solve important tasks: to strengthen the "justice and righteousness" and to further expand Russia Orthodox.This dream is still Grand Duke of Moscow - Ivan III, who laid the core of the Russian state.But on the way there were many obstacles.Each principality gravitated toward independence.The boyars fought among themselves for power.Princes sought to power and greatness.

Methods reign

According to the historians, as a result of secret murders Ivan IV the age of eight was left an orphan.He considered himself abandoned, hurt and saved his grudge against humanity.Growing up, I find cruelty for what eventually became known as Ivan the Terrible.The wedding of Ivan the Terrible to the throne (1547) - is the beginning of a period of violence, violence in Russia by the Grand Duke, who received the title of Emperor.An example is the complaint of 70 Pskov on the excesses of the governor - prince Pronsky.For this king of the complainants subjected to severe torture.This resulted in the permissiveness of local rulers.Feeling impunity, they continued to vandalize.

permissiveness and its consequences are not forced to wait long for retribution: a reign of terror began.This caused turmoil, riots in Moscow and other cities.To suppress discontent used brutal measures: the terrible executions, which involved the king himself.

positive side reign

and positive achievement for the Russian state noted historians of the wedding of Ivan the Terrible in the kingdom.Among the reforms limiting parochialism (Code of Service), obliging serve not only slaves, but also of the landlords.The reform of local government provides for the replacement of power in the governors elected bodies.This greatly limits the abuse.Much attention was paid to the construction business.Updating the old and new stone buildings for various purposes.

In 1560 in Moscow there was a beautiful St. Basil's Cathedral, pleasing sight today.The wedding of Ivan the Terrible in the kingdom has led to significant changes in foreign policy.

Foreign Policy

As a result of the strengthening of paramilitary forces to expand the boundaries of the Russian state.In 1556, he was finally subdued and attached to the Moscow State Kazan.In the same year, and conquered Astrakhan Khanate.June 30, 1572 near Moscow held a decisive battle, which resulted in the Tatars were defeated and fled, leaving a prisoner famous general Divey Moors.With the Tatar yoke was finished forever.The wedding of Ivan the Terrible in the kingdom age of his reign defined as a time of significant change.

In the history of Orthodox Russia turning point last years of the reign of Ivan the Terrible, was the death of his son.Historians point out that the king had killed his son in a fit of rage, inflicting a wound in the head with his staff.Recovering from the case Terrible I realized that destroyed the future of his dynasty.The younger son Fedor was in poor health, he could not lead the country.Loss heir because of his own cruelty definitively undermined the health of the king.Worn body can not withstand a nervous breakdown, three years after her son's death March 18, 1584, Ivan the Terrible died.

bright personality in Russia

After the death of king above it was committed ritual monastic tonsure with giving him the name of Jonah.The wedding of Ivan the Terrible in the kingdom can be briefly described as bright, but at the same time a dark spot in the history of the Great Orthodox Russia.Resulting in a very young age and psychological shock bulk cargo him fame, power, responsibility, defined his personal actions and government decisions.

for wedding story of Ivan the Terrible in the kingdom (the year 1547) was the beginning of a remarkable era of the formation of the Russian state.With its first king, his rule, there was the Russian Empire, which existed and developed to this day.