Children's horoscope for 2014

entered a new 2014 - Year of the Horse.This period is remarkable for the fact that to get closer to their children.Your support and patience will lay a solid foundation for your relationship with the children in the future.If you let go of all the problems and needs of the child to drift, you run the risk of eventually face a closed teenager.

This year parents must clearly remember that if a child came to them for help, they must help him and unconditionally, without clarifying the reasons no punishment and abuse.Very soon, you will reap the benefits of your trust, the children will treat you with respect and love.

This year there is a high probability of getting younger preschoolers trauma.Protect children, do not leave unattended.This is especially true Virgo and Scorpio.

Teens can move away from their parents.The best way to avoid this - to get acquainted with his friends and kindly take them home.

success and universal recognition waiting for this year's kids Scorpio and Sagittarius.So give them the maximum opportunity for self-expression.

Aries, Taurus and the Lions will be the best students.But for Aquarius, Libra and crayfish keep an eye.These children are so keen on some hobbies that will forget about studying.

Pisces and Capricorn are willing to seriously engage in sports or dance.

This year, we must try to channel the energy of the child in the right direction.Year of the Horse - the best time in order to discover the child in its new talent.


Earlier this year, active kids, Aries will make parents worried.Behind them is almost impossible to catch, they are everywhere want to catch.

Stubbornness Aries, sometimes infuriated parents of balance now play in good stead - children are purposefully to achieve your objectives.It is likely that they will be in school or honors best students in the sports section.

In April they really need your support and advice.Do not miss this time.

In the second half, the Rams can get bored, maybe they should offer to change the hobby or do something completely opposite of what he was doing before.


In the first half of the year little bodies will lead a very quiet life.They will learn well.Girls can get excited about needlework.It is necessary to support this hobby.Taurus will make great masters and their creations decorate your home.

Boys ready to be interested in something serious.From playing monopoly they are happy to move on to practice.Rate of financial literacy for children - what you need.

Look to the senior students-calf.In the second half of the year they can expect serious romantic infatuation.This can greatly distract them from the important things.


Kids Gemini in the first half of the year will surprise the parents are not peculiar to them a serious look.They settled down and ready to do their studies.

Preschoolers need to take the center of development, for a child to pick a circle, or select the appropriate section.They try to learn new skills and reach new heights in business.

But perseverance have restless Gemini enough until the summer.Already with the first sunlight they will feel the need for action and change of scenery.We'll have to try and keep the children busy with something useful.End of the year will be held under the motto "all or nothing".The Twins will try to grasp the immensity.For some, this will be done.


beginning of the year will be challenging in the relationship with child cancers.They want freedom, independence and lack of control.Any action on the part of parents Cancers seen as an attempt to encroach on their freedom.Hence, aggression and irritability.At this time parents should relax control, but vigilance.Soft and unobtrusive part to pacify the anger Rakov and will accommodate them to you.

Cancers can catch a cold or get sick with something more serious.Especially dangerous are April and May 2014.Watch out for the health of the child and not let the disease take its course.

second half of the year will melt years in the heart of Cancer.Children become more accommodating and kind.They once again feel the need for nepotism and related participation.


Lions in 2014 will be active and restless.They are interested in everything, they have time to everywhere.But the parents of them are not very hijacking.And if you think that the child will not master all that wished to cover his active nature, you're wrong.Baby Lion ready to succeed everywhere.He reigns on stage in school productions, perfectly responds to the learned and virtuoso playing the violin at the music school.Trust your child, and you will have plenty of opportunities to be proud of him.

In the second half of the year focusing on strengthening the immune system of the young lions, and the restoration of its forces since the end of the year he prepares to again and again surprise you with their talents, and the strength he needs.


first half of the year, nothing special for Dev is not marked.They are also good to learn and accept new knowledge, they are calm and peaceful.At that time, the Virgin go into their world, to help them in this book.Parents can have a significant impact on the outlook of Dev and even to some extent on their future, if at that time they will pick up interesting and useful book.

little Virgin Spring, especially girls, may be willing to engage in art: drawing and modeling of natural materials.Parents should support the child.If children do not have voiced this desire, offer to attend a master class on painting and quilling.

autumn Virgo can fall in love for the first time.For them it will be a serious sense, this will require a delicate period of parental attitudes to the emotions of the child.


balance at the beginning of the year will be very active and active.Parents can surprise the fact that children's views are taken practical direction.Students think seriously about their future, try to pay the maximum time studies and exams.At this time a well-defined future profession.

Balance carried away developing hobbies.It may be a chess game, simulation or computer courses.

But the fall and winter will be more difficult to bring balance to the homework and to perform household chores.They are immersed in their inner world and the end of the year are going to stay in a peaceful, but an inactive state.


Children Scorpio will be very attached to his parents.They need their attention and support.Gentle and caring children Scorpions will be attracted especially at this time to my mother, but they also advice the pope will accept with gratitude.The first half of the year is favorable in order to achieve harmony and understanding in the relationship with their child.He listens to you and shares his thoughts.

But in order to Scorpio developed and are not confined to the family, it is necessary to communicate with their peers.Especially pay attention to it in the spring.

Support in the child's desire to develop their skills in any field in the autumn.Scorpions can achieve considerable success.

Sagittarius Sagittarius at the beginning of the year may seem capricious and demanding parents.But parents should take a closer look to the health of the child.It is likely that he suffers from headaches or discomfort in the gut.And they are the root cause of bad moods and irritability of the child.

But in the spring of cheerful disposition and humor inherent in Sagittarius, will prevail over pessimism, and children Sagittarians will delight parents with laughter and smiles.

Particular attention should be paid to the formation of Sagittarius.They are easy to absorb knowledge and are ready to immediately use them in practice.In summer and autumn give them to a dance or martial arts, energetic Sagittarius happy for them will be engaged in new business.


Preschoolers will surprise the parents that are willing to quickly acquire new knowledge.They learn quickly, they are interested in everything.And they know exactly that if they learn to read, then will not depend on parents and will be able to absorb information from books.And it is for them now is interesting and important.Support this aspiration.But do not forget about physical activity.In the spring of Capricorns will be happy to submit a new career, especially if it is related to art.

autumn Capricorns prove that they are the builders of their own future.Children Capricorns will be engaged seriously in education and are willing to determine their future profession.


Restless and elusive ... Already the beginning of the year show that Aquarians are ready for much, just to achieve universal recognition and occupy leadership positions.Punishing the children for the misdeeds of Aquarius, I remember that the way punishment is firmly settled in their minds.Therefore, to elect the most humane and better to talk to the child.If you select a confidential tone, Aquarius will hear you better.

spring and summer Aquarius can love.If the feeling is nonreciprocal, he can immerse yourself in your thoughts and stay in a pessimistic mood.

At this time, parents need to be patient and to be patient.You may want to give your child a pet.By the fall of thought Aquarius will take a different direction.


Try not to overload Fish unnecessary studies.They may become despondent because that will understand that it is not willing to cover all at the proper level.Your frustration will be the worst punishment for them.Fish and go even deeper into his inner world where no one is permitted.

to forge a relationship with the child to distribute the load evenly, often talk to it, it turns out, what he does and where help is needed.

to have baby-Fish does not appear inferiority complex that it maintain self-confidence, get him to passion for the soul, which he will be doing a rest, but the results of his work will be to give pleasure to others.Let paints, writes poetry, he is learning a song.And then demonstrate their achievements relatives.Do not forget to praise your child for even the smallest successes.

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