Wild berry.

Wild berries (photo presented in the article), healthy, delicious, and so are in great demand even hardened citizens.Going into the woods, do not forget to grab a basket, and representatives of the "berry brotherhood" required to share with you the natural vitality.

garden or forest?

Which berry is better: those that grow in the wild, or those that we grow on their dachas?Of course, forest fruits useful - they are not contaminated by civilization and consists entirely of natural nutrients.However, all this is true, provided that you do not collected from the road and not in the vicinity of an industrial facility.Forest berry is not processed in the process of development and growth of any chemicals designed to protect against pests and diseases, as all problems are solved by nature itself.That's why wild fruits give us the whole range of vitamins, minerals and other useful items.

Next tell about what edible berries should pay particular attention.


everyone remembers from childhood taste of these delicious fruits.A mother or grandmother who during colds care not brought to bed tea with raspberry jam?Here and now, recalling the carefree childhood time, we are happy we eat the berries straight from the bush.Forest Raspberry distributed almost throughout Russia, with the exception of the territory of the Far North.Gather it everywhere, but many do not even suggest how these ordinary for us useful fruits.

medicinal qualities of raspberries

Berry is mainly used in the treatment of colds and acute respiratory diseases.It contains salicylic acid can reduce the heat much more efficiently than many medications.Raspberry forest will also help neuralgia, sciatica, joint pain.People who can not eat the fruit of an allergic reaction may be offered to brew the leaves and stems of the plants, and then taking the resulting broth - so, too, can quickly remove the symptoms of fever.To strengthen the immune system in the summer is to eat fresh raspberries, and in the winter to use the berry in the form of jam, tinctures, decoctions.There is a modern way to keep fruit - frost.


If we consider all the black forest berries, it certainly is the most famous blueberry.Why it is so called because of its fresh fruits more saturated blue, not black?Title berry gave the Russian people, because it stains the mouth and teeth black, which means "black".The plant itself is a small tree or small bush.Blueberry - berry that people know and love from the very earliest times.Collect it from July until the first frost.Many inhabitants of central Russia will be interested to know that there is a special "red bilberry" - Krasnik.It grows in Kamchatka and Primorsky Krai.

Composition and benefits of blueberries

Everyone knows that this berry improves eyesight, but what else it has beneficial properties?It has long been using bilberry disease treated Housing: for mild disorders take a decoction of dried berries and blueberry jelly, chronic constipation ate fresh fruit.In addition, blueberries help cure rheumatism, gout, all kinds of inflammation.If you suffer from nocturnal enuresis, heartburn, stomach diseases, enteritis, drink tea or broth from the berries.The fresh fruit, among other things, increase the level of iron in the body.You can apply blueberries and externally: pureed berries apply to the affected sites in the presence of eczema, acne, prolonged healing wounds, burns, ulcers.


As evidenced by archaeological excavations, the fruit of this perennial is still used our ancestors.Strawberries - berry, which is proliferating receptacle with juicy small "nuts", covering its surface.Fruiting plants from late May to late June, that is, for three to four weeks.Forest berry is found in Europe and in America.Traditionally, strawberries colonizes clearings in the woods - in these places, you can find the largest and most sweet fruit.In general, the plant is doing well, and on the slopes, not suitable for him only bog - a lot of moisture is detrimental to this culture.

Medicinal properties of strawberries

This berry contains organic acids, sugars, catechins, tannins, pectin, coloring agents.Fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins, so strawberries actively used in cosmetics and medicine.In addition, the useful properties of the plant was the fact that it is used in human nutrition.To consume this berry is recommended for kidney stones, anemia, gout.Juice and pulp of strawberries possible to restore salt metabolism, relieves eczema (in this case pureed fruits must be applied to the affected area).In the fight against high blood pressure, experts advise to use the leaves of the plant.In general, the strawberry has diaphoretic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, hemostatic properties.In cosmetology, popular masks, tonics, lotions and scrubs on the basis of this berry.


This is a low shrub that grows mainly in the northern regions, where a temperate and cold climate.The diameter of the fruit is a little more than a centimeter, color - blue with a bluish tinge.Blueberries - a real survivor, sometimes the age of the bush has to be a hundred.Fruits include up to eight percent of useful sugars (glucose, fructose, sucrose) and a sufficient amount of organic acids (malic, citric, acetic).Blueberries are rich in fiber, pectin, vitamins.One obvious advantage - the presence of anthocyanin in it (a vegetable pigment that acts as a powerful antioxidant).

Despite this abundance of useful components, it's pretty low-fat berry, making it a popular dietary product.Available in its composition of antioxidants enhance the body's resistance to disease, as well as free it from free radicals.Flavonoids protect against cardiovascular pathologies and cancer, and organic acids improve the activity of the pancreas.Fiber and pectin, in turn normalizes the bowels.In addition to all the above, blueberries - excellent antiscorbutic, assistant in the treatment of anemia.Berry has choleretic, hypoglycemic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic properties.Fruit juice increases concentration and improves memory.


Berry looks like a raspberry, but it is recognized that in many ways it is superior to its "cousin."The fruits of blackberries are incredibly fragrant and delicious, full of healing juices.The plant brings a good harvest at a time when it moved the main summer berries (August-September).But there is a drawback: the culture is very sensitive to cold, so severe winter could not move.The sweetness of the fruit attached to sucrose, glucose and fructose.Blackberries - one of the few berries that can safely eat people suffering from diabetes.It should also be noted that the content of vitamins this culture exceeds almost all others.Fruits are rich in nitrogen, minerals, pectin, tannins and organic acids.

In folk medicine is the use of the whole plant: the leaves and the berries himself and even roots.Unripe fruits hooking effect on the intestine with diarrhea and mature, on the contrary, can be used as a laxative.Blackberry has anti-inflammatory and anti-sclerotic properties, strengthens capillary walls.This berry displays the body of radioactive elements.A decoction of the roots healers advised to use for rinsing the mouth and throat, acute respiratory infections, sore throat.Also, it will provide a diuretic effect and restore the normal functioning of liver.Leaves of plants have a pronounced astringent effect and can stop not only diarrhea but also bleeding.

stone bramble

Many people underestimate this berry, believing that her taste is not good enough, and constantly getting beat off the bone appetite.However, eating stone bramble is necessary, because the benefits that it brings to the body enormous.The fruits of its teams are berries, drupes, which consist of four or more units, including the rather large bone.To taste they remind a few grenades and ripen in July and August (in some places you can harvest in September).

Low popularity of stone bramble explains the gaps in the information about what it has a chemical composition.It is known only that this berry is superior to many others on the content of vitamin C. In addition, in its composition, there are vitamin E, which is so necessary to man, because the body can not produce it on their own, as well as volatile organic acids, tannin and pectin,flavonoids.

stone berry has long been used to treat scurvy, anemia, anemia, colds.Fruit juice, full of useful elements normalize metabolic processes in the body, removes waste, toxins, strengthens the vascular wall.Cooked from the stems and leaves of plants decoction is effective in pathologies of the heart muscle, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.This juice will bring relief from gout, prevent the formation of tumors, relieve insomnia, headaches, hemorrhoids, strengthens the hair and eliminate dandruff.Use fresh leaves stone bramble externally will quickly remove red eyes.


This berry small and dull to look at, but it contains a real storehouse of nutrients.Lingonberry cures many diseases, not for nothing before its berry called immortality.

plant is stunted perennial shrub.It is quite unpretentious, it can grow in the mixed and coniferous forests, peat bogs.Lingonberry is common in temperate regions, tundra and forest tundra of Eastern Siberia.The fruits ripen in August and September, they are usually rounded, red, sweet-sour taste with a tart, astringent taste.This berry is rich in carbohydrates, tannins, vitamins, organic acids, pectin, minerals.Lingonberry can be stored for a long time due to the presence in its composition of benzoic acid.The plant is widely used in medicine as an antiscorbutic, antiseptic, analgesic, diuretic.


This useful berry has long been used by healers to ease the condition of patients with angina.It is also advised to use in cold pathology, diseases of the genitourinary system, atherosclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Blooming pink-red flowers in May-July, in September cranberry crop yields.Its fruits are juicy, sour taste, color - red, shape - spherical.In the swamps berries harvested from late autumn to spring.Cold cranberries are not terrible - they just enhance the flavor of the fruit.

Wild berries that are described in this article - concentrates and good taste.Go after them into the forest the whole family.Make no mistake: the nature generously share with you their wealth!