As in "maynkraft" tame animals, or Feel the farmers!

Today we will talk with you about how to "maynkraft" tame animals.It's quite a useful exercise that will definitely help you in the game world.Nevertheless, let's talk about how this action is necessary and how it is carried out.

When you need?

To get started is to figure out why do we need to tame small animals in the game.Is it so important, or you can do without it?

In fact, if you know how to "maynkraft" tame animals, with the production of many resources you will not have any problems.The fact that the fowl with the game can receive quite a lot of material that is very difficult to get.Yes, and no one in the household will not be superfluous.So let's talk with you more about taming various animals.


first type of animal that can take him to the care of - a horse.Outwardly, it looks like the real, and the function performs the same.With a pet, you can quickly move around the world.So, as in "maynkraft" tame this animal?

Since we have decided to take up the horse, the first thing we need to saddle.It can be found in smithy, barter or peasant poryskat on chests in the treasures.When an item is required in your inventory, you can continue.

Now you need to find a stallion.In "Maynkraft" animals have their own character.So be prepared for the fact that the horse will start to resist.Taming the animal comes only with time.You should always ride on it and feed different fruit.When horses appear around the head hearts, it will mean that you can now ride her.


But as in "maynkraft" do animals for farming manual?Let's talk about this in more detail.To get started is to clarify who exactly you can pick yourself.In the game there are sheep, pigs, chickens and cows.All of them, as you might guess, will be invaluable in your household.So, let's understand how they tamed.

The first thing you need to do paddock for future pets.Build the fence near the house with a gate.It should be spacious.As in "maynkraft" domesticating animals for farming?You will need to stock up on bait.That's it you will call up the animal to him.Next, look for the cattle that you need.Found?Take it into the hands of the lure and manite pet him into the corral.That's all.It remains only to make sure that animals do not run away.


So, how to get their hands on ocelot?Let's try to understand.On the question of how to "maynkraft" tame animals, more precisely, the ocelot, the response will again be the bait.

So, the first step is to stock up on food for the ocelot.You will need a lot of raw fish.Cooked not do.Now you need to take it up.Remember that you have to approach the animal carefully and bait in hand.

Now find the cat.Make sure that it does not scare you.For this approach it slowly, slowly.When ocelot look at you, stop and wait, as soon as he turns away again start to move.Remember that to be around a lot of places.

When you get close enough, you stop and look at the reaction.The animal should approach you on their own.When this happens, pull the ocelot fish.During the meal, he will have hearts above his head.At this point, click on the right mouse button.Ocelot will become a cat, and his neck will collar.Now it will be your faithful friend and companion.So we figured out how to "maynkraft" tame animals.