How to fence in "maynkraft": photos

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Kraft - is the basis of the game in the "Maynkraft", you need to constantly produce materials and create new items, advanced facilities.Of course, all they need to use to get some benefit.With the picks you can produce materials using a sword - fight aggressive mobs, from wooden blocks - to create a wall of his house, and so on.In general, anything you can find in the world, it is useful anyway.Naturally, the defense in this game is very important because your goal here - to survive.Therefore, we must make sure that your character has strong armor, the walls of your home have strong, but also do not forget about the fence.This is a very important and useful item that will allow you to significantly increase the level of defense, and it can also serve other purposes.Therefore it is very important to know how to make the fence "maynkraft."

Features fence

Many players do not understand why they need to know how to make the fence in "maynkraft."They think that such a thing does not protect them.In fact, the block fence only at first glance, it seems harmless and useless.In fact, it has very useful properties.At first it may seem that this is the height of the block unit.In this scenario, it may jump over any mobile that has the ability to jump.But in fact, the height of this unit is a half unit.Thus, one can not jump over it, except for the horse.It is therefore important to have a fence that would protect your territory, because the mobs will not be able to overcome it.Just do not forget to close the gate, you do to get in and out, otherwise mobs quickly went out and brought her and penetrate you.

As you can see, it is very useful to know how to make the fence in "maynkraft."But it is equally important to find out why this is necessary.

Why do we need a fence?

So, before you try to deal with how to make the fence "maynkraft", you need to understand why you need it.The fact that it is a great obstacle for any opponent who wants to get on your territory.Naturally, most of the character, you can protect it with a reservation, but your property is always under the threat of attack.Accordingly, when you obnesete its territory fence mobs fail to get to you.

However, this is not the only way to use the fence.Besides the fact that he does not let anybody, he has not yet released, so it is useful for farming.When you attract a sheep, you can bring it into the pen, surrounded by a fence, close it - and sheep now becomes your property.You'll cut it or get out of her flesh for food, but she will not run away.The same thing you can do with chickens, as well as any other pets - again, except for horses, because they afford to jump the fence.Here the output of another - you need to put two blocks of the fence at each other to create a paddock suitable for horses.So, now you should not remain on the feasibility of creating data blocks, so it's time to move on to consider how to make the fence "maynkraft 1.5.2" and other versions.

Simple fence

Most fences are made in the game according to the same recipe.If you want to learn how to make the fence in "maynkraft" photo with an example you do not need, because the process is extremely simple.You need four boards and two sticks.Because of this set is obtained just three block fence that you can put a number, and you can install on each other.But only when the fence do not forget to check its integrity.It is important that the two standing next block merged into one.If not, then you probably did something wrong.Such a construction would not be reliable.

So, you now know how to make the fence in "maynkraft 1.5.2."Photos of the process, as has been said before, you do not need to, because you have seen for yourself that there is nothing complicated about it.

Hell fence

Besides ordinary fence you can create a much more powerful and impressive option - a hell of a fence.In this case, you will need to craft not a tree but a hell of a brick.By placing a bench in six pieces, you'll create just six blocks hell fence.