How to call the Queen of Spades.

Who's The Queen of Spades?It is an ordinary woman from a deck of cards.Why is everyone afraid it was her, and not, say, the king of spades?Some say in this regard, that once it is eerily depicted on the cards (I wonder when was it?), Others believe that the blame for everything black spades, supposedly symbolizing something evil.Whatever it was, and the lady from the deck of spades and still identified with the witch who brings bad luck and even death ...!Today, it goes a lot of legends.This terrible embody the spirit of a woman who lives in the world through the mirror, and if you call him, he is able to throttle!

It forms a sinister image of the stories and legends about it.It is fueled by unfavorable energy and mystery.To this day, a mystery of this woman is haunted by people looking for a variety of ways, how to call Queen of Spades, its image excites the minds of many, and experts in paranormal phenomena just shrug ... And all because she is ... there!No, of course you can not believe and call it nonsense statement, but remember, if you - the skeptics, it does not mean that there is nothing mysterious!As they say, if long tormented ...

How to call Queen of Spades.Step One

Forget about any ladder drawn in lipstick on the mirror.This "old wives' methods.If you really want to experience fear, we offer you the real way to bring the Queen of Spades.

  1. Remember one truth: cause it to be alone!Not to invite any friends.All the talk about the fact that two people do not seem so scary - it's complete nonsense.Two or more person - a dispersal of power right and left ... no point ... you have to be alone to clot energy was directed toward the mirror.
  2. in the room and the window should be dark.Yes, this procedure is performed only at night.You'll need all the mirrors (at least - three), which you have in the house, and one candle.You will make the corridor in the mirror - a powerful energy and mental stimulus.
  3. We put the biggest mirror in the middle of the table, and the rest - around him.An endless corridor ... turns off the light.You are in complete darkness.Light a candle prepared in advance and put it in front of the main mirror so that it covered the entire corridor evenly.
  4. separate point to note: Be sure to close all doors and windows to snap!This is a prerequisite.Later you understand why.So, everything is ready for the challenge.

How to call Queen of Spades.Step Two

  1. Then think again, if you need it ... If all decide for yourself, then sit down in front of mirrors and says three times: "The Queen of Spades, come!".All.The process is started.What begins to happen next, can easily drive you mad: on the street will increase the wind may have your candle goes out, and at the same time you will hear a distinct sound of the window.That's her!And it's time to chase it!Each time a knock will be intensified to such a force that can make the window frame!
  2. So banishes Black woman.The only effective way to banish all this evil - mats and curses.Yes, you heard right.It should be very foul language and literally splashing abusive words towards paranormal phenomena!Immediately start to rain Queen of Spades nasty words, and this will help.The knock should disappear immediately, but the wind - a couple of minutes.

not repeat it!

right - believe it or not, of course, is yours.But in any case, we do not recommend you to remember how to call Queen of Spades, and, moreover, to repeat it at home.Of course, no one vouches for the behavior of the creatures, but if the lady did not suffocate, then just be able to bring to mind, as happened with Germany in the novel by Alexander Pushkin.