Meaning Gleb: two versions proiskhodzheniya

According to one version, the name comes from the Scandinavian name "Gottlieb" (a favorite of the gods).In Old Slavonic language is the word "Globe" - "pole."According to another version, the origin of the name of Gleb - it is from this word.Apparently, high and skinny boys teased a pole.And then acquired the nickname meaning of the name Hleb.

first Orthodox holy martyrs became brothers Boris and Gleb, who died in 1015 at the hands of his brother Svyatopolk.The first canonized martyrs of Kievan Rus were the sons of Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev and his wife Anna Byzantine Christian.After the death of his children Prince began to struggle for the Kiev throne, like a pack of dogs over a bone, and my brother went to his brother.In times of Kievan Rus' is the name of it was extremely popular among the princes and boyars.Today, the boys rarely so anoint.In honor of Boris and Gleb Orthodox lands built many monasteries and churches.

In the Orthodox calendar, the holy Hleb commemorated four times: on 15 Ma

y 3 and July 19, August 6, September 18.

Value name Hleb and nature of child

boys wearing that name, have diverse talents and are prone to different sciences.But despite its advantages, grow quiet and modest.Although if you examine the nature of Gleb better, it turns out that it is not so already skromnik, these guys are always on your mind.

Vanity of this world alien to them, so they take the attention of others grudgingly, as if making an effort.

and what is perceived as a natural modesty.And although he says Gleb view that the assistance he needs and wants to achieve everything myself around straight bend over backwards to help "the favorite of the gods."

Obviously, the value of Russian Gleb effect on the boy.Gleb grow stubborn and self-willed, always knows what he wants and knows how to take an instant decision.Surprisingly, these decisions are always correct.

Gleb: meaning of the name and career

Young Gleb never seeks to be a leader, but he is respected, listened to him.If necessary, it can be a great leader.The team, which is under his leadership, he is holding in "iron fist."But his love.Hleb could be a very good crisis manager.This largely depends on the education received in childhood.The means which lead to the goal - not picky.The main thing - the result.If the parents teach the boy to bring the follow through - a dizzying career is assured.But this is rare.

Gleb usually chooses a rare profession and become a very good specialist in this field.A striking example is the story of Lozino-Lozinsky Gleb Paton - one of the best designers of the Soviet aerospace engineering.For a place does not hold, even in a very meat.As soon as he known reasons may resign and move to another city in a few days.Usually it looks like a fad, but Gleb always knows what he wants.His every step is carefully weighed and thought out.

Value name Hleb and the friendship

The "beloved of the gods," there is always a small circle of the elect, who idolized him.There are a couple of trusted friends.It is surprising, but the boy friendship faithful and devoted.The man who considers his friend, always willing to help.And people respond in kind.Gleb loves and knows how to welcome guests.He is a warm, hospitable host.Usually able to perfectly cook and very proud of his talent.But do not even try to fish recipe specialties.All your questions will answer Gleb empty phrases and knowing smile.For good reason the value of Gleb - a favorite of the gods, and the gods, as you know, jealous and do not like to reveal their secrets.