Cerumen in the ear.

Our body is designed so that every process that occurs in it, plays an important role.Thus, for example, sulfur released from the ear passage, the function of protection, it protects the delicate skin from damage.Also, going outside, she grips with bacteria and dirt.Normally, it should be allocated in small amounts, might otherwise be formed cerumen in the ear.Symptoms, unfortunately, did not immediately have an effect, if the blockage is in any one part of the ear canal.

What causes cerumen

At first glance it is difficult to determine, due to which there was blockage in the ear canal.Basically, doctors tend to a few options.This may be due to the malfunction of the sebaceous glands and various inflammatory diseases migrated.Often this effect increased blood cholesterol levels.But he is just a part of the earwax.If a lot of cholesterol, and the emitted substances will be more.Cleaning the ear canal using cotton swabs can also serve as a cause of obstruction, because removing sulfur thus part of its consensually compacted inside.Cork may appear due to the ingress of water into the ear.Under the influence of moisture sulfur swells and closes the ear canal.It is also possible to include diseases such as eczema and dermatitis.They cause inflammation of the Eustachian tube, resulting in further enhanced the work of the sebaceous glands, which provokes plugs in their ears.


  • pain in the ears.
  • Hearing loss.
  • vertigo, tinnitus.
  • unsteadiness of gait, loss of balance.
  • There is a feeling of stuffiness in the ear canal.

All this indicates that you have formed ear plug.Symptoms can not be ignored, it is better to consult a doctor.


accurate diagnosis, of course, can supply only an experienced doctor.He will have all clear from your words, but in addition it is required to examine the ear canal and find out if you have ear plugs, the symptoms that you have described it.But that is not all.Once diagnosed, the doctor needs to find out the nature of education.In addition to the simple plug epidermoidalnoy still happens, but it's more of a variety of plugs in his ears.The symptoms are slightly different - may cause an inflammatory reaction in the skin of the ear canal.


cerumen usually removed with a blast of warm solution, which is fed from a syringe directly into the ear canal.Quite often, the blockage is not completely out, so the procedure has to be repeated.After washing is completed, the patient's head is turned to the shoulder to come out residual liquid.The ear canal is well dried and inspect the eardrum to exclude damage.In addition to washing, if you have ear pain is present, your doctor may prescribe analgesics.Sometimes, if the tube is very firm may designate a course softening sulfur blockage.Within 5-7 days, it will be necessary to dig the ear with a special solution, and then you will be assigned a lavage from the syringe.Following these simple procedures your doctor will eliminate the traffic jams in the ears, which is really unpleasant symptoms.