Spherical cranes

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There are many different types of pipe fittings used for fluid flow shutoff, and no matter in what form, gaseous or liquid.

Currently, the market appeared ball valves for water and steam made of stainless steel AISI 304, which are one of the most popular types of valves.And, on ball valve price readily available.

ball valve is a locking device consisting of a movable part of constipation, which has a spherical body of revolution.That is why the crane was called a ball.The ball is made of steel AISI 304 is able to move around its axis, which is perpendicular to the axis of the straight pipe.Ball seals made of PTFE material («Teflon") supplemented with 15% graphite to withstand the high pressure in the temperature range from -50 to 180C.

mounted on the pipeline valve can in different ways.So, there ball valve welded , as well as cranes, which are fixed by means of couplings, flanges and threads from ½ to 4 inches.

There are also more narrowly focused model of ball valves.One of the options - steel grade AISI 316 specially designed for aggressive environments.While AISI 304 is used mainly for water or corrosive environment.

Do not forget that the ball valve as an element of a pipeline can handle tasks that are not feasible using other valves.Thus it can withstand pressures up to 64 bar, while the disk gates have a limit of 5-6 bar.

remind you again - for all its virtues, ball valve also has a very reasonable price compared to other valves.

ball valve is also hygienic and execution.In this case the residual medium does not accumulate in the cavity between the ball and the wall tap.This type of crane is designed for the pharmaceutical industry and for those who have in the pipeline is a perishable product with a unique microflora.But hygienic design faucet gets serious price.And it is worth considering whether it does not replace the gate or valve.

summarize: if you are not in the pipeline aggressive media under high pressure - ball valve of your choice.