The benefits of daytime sleep

Daytime sleep kids, probably, the most topical issue for any mother.In varying degrees, to all the parents sooner or later become a question: when the baby put to bed, how long you need for an afternoon nap, what to do if a pipsqueak refuses to sleep during the day?

Why a vacation day?Sleep and wakefulness are considered to be the main indicators of jet lag, of which "grow" all the other options.Daytime sleep is necessary to maintain this child of jet lag, the violation of which leads to fatigue, fatigue, distraction manifestation, the inability to perceive new information and acquire knowledge.

in each age its own norms.The younger the child, the more he needs to sleep during the day.And if the baby does not sleep depends on the time of day, the older kids (from 3 months) go to night mode with a mandatory two-three times a day and a half or two-hour daytime dreams.In any case, before his second birthday pipsqueak should sleep 13-14 hours a day, of which 11 hours must be at night, the rest of the accounts for naps.Towards the year the child will still need two day dreams, but after six months, the baby is only one two-hour sleep.The transition from two to one day dreams could be seen hard crumbs.Jodi Mindell, a specialist in children's sleep, to ease the transition to the new regime recommends alternate days with two daytime dreams with the days when the baby is placed on the rest day once.But remember, in the days of one day going to bed to lay your baby to sleep at night must be earlier than usual.

mode without fanaticism.You have a family reunion, or there has been a campaign on children's performance?And what about the baby mode?Do not worry if a couple of times your child will not have a sleep in the afternoon.Occasional deviations from the regime coaching biorhythms.But this should not be the norm.Subject to the need for sleep mode at the kid occurs at a set time and the proposal to go to sleep does not cause particular objection.

not sleeping children.Many pediatricians and educators believe that a child needs a nap until the start of school.Moreover, first-graders as a particularly excitable also need daily sleep or even rest.But what if a pipsqueak protests and refuses to sleep during the day?Lay the child in bed by force is not necessary.If he does not sleep during the day, but it feels fresh and had a good mood, it is no reason for alarm.Most likely, the night sleep of your baby strong and healthy and gives crumbs enough strength and energy, which is enough for a whole day.But, be that as it may be, try to replace the daytime sleep any calm, relaxing pursuits, certainly for the period excluding any active games and TV.

Our advice.If a child refuses to lie quietly in bed, you can use a little trick and asked him to become a "guard my mother's rest."Tell crumbs that you are very tired and just want to lie down on the couch in silence, so that you will not be disturbed.Usually, kids are happy to respond to her mother's call for help and transform into "guards of peace and quiet", putting all active game for later.At this time they also relax and rest.

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