How to wake up in the morning

often seeing in the morning exhausted faces of his colleagues, making fun, and we have many questions about what happened, where he spent the night, and so on.What we get a banal answer: "I can not wake up."Almost all have been in situations like this, but for many it is an everyday problem.It interferes with life, it makes us late for work, and experience the many inconveniences.

media repeat to us that this is normal, offer a variety of preparations and products (eg, coffee), can help to get up and cheer.But is not it better to do without it, and to teach your body how to wake up in the morning full of vigor and vitality.

first thing you should do when he heard the hated alarm sound - a small charge.Stretch and Spin the head slightly from side to side.Raise and lower legs several times.Work your hands, spread them apart.You immediately feel that the body is awake and filled with energy.Now you can get out of bed.

Take a few sit-ups, mash, jump and feel free to go into the shower.Note that the water should not be hot or cold, it may be unnecessary effect.10-15 minutes of water treatments will help to finally banish the dream and the desire to get warm under the covers.

Now you can start a healthy and tasty breakfast.If you think the evening is to wake up in the morning, then take care of what you eat and drink.On this depends on how well your body will function during the day.Remember that breakfast - the most important meal.If you love cereal, especially oatmeal, then give preference to her.Oatmeal is rich in vitamins and minerals, in addition, it is incredibly useful for stomach.In order to diversify the menu, try the muesli.If such food is not for you, then pick up something suitable.The main thing that it was useful and nutritious.

Many prefer to make sandwiches.In this case, the cheese will work well, but the butter is not necessary to get involved.Experts recommend for breakfast eat dairy products, such as yogurt, cottage cheese, milk.It contains amino acids, calcium, iron.

For a change you can make in any kind of eggs: scrambled eggs, "boiled", "boiled" eggs.This is very useful, and most importantly, always delicious.

For many, the only way to wake up in the morning, a few cups of coffee.This, of course, you will wake up, but is unlikely to be beneficial to health.It is better to give preference to such drinks as juice or tea.If caffeine is still not enough, try green tea.He admirably invigorates and contains antioxidants your body needs.

gain strength, you can feel free to start a new day.

If you still think about how to wake up in the morning, then pay attention to the mood.No work will be a joy and even the best breakfast will not benefit if you are depressed.If you do not have a serious cause for concern, it begins to raise itself up in the evening.Think, for example, about what you pamper yourself in the morning.Perhaps it will be a delicious sweet or interesting book.Waiting for something pleasant - a great incentive rather wake up and start a new day.

Try not to deprive yourself of pleasant things.Do nice things for their loved ones.Write a cheerful note and attach it to the fridge.You will certainly respond in kind, and wake up in the morning will be even nicer.

has long been known - to get up out of bed, you need a boost.It can be an interesting job, a pleasant meeting, the upcoming trip to the beauty salon and a long-awaited trip.

not postpone all "on Monday".Begin to act today and never say "I can not wake up in the morning."