Interesting facts about Finland.

Each country is unique.And not only in the unique climate and geographical location.Features define its people - their traditions, culture and habits, which are often very different in different places.Usually, at the mention of some state-educated people come to mind some striking facts that characterize it.For foreigners, they are a kind of calling card of the country.And speaking of Finland, it will certainly be a sauna, Santa Claus and the shortest subway in the world.But this northern country so interesting and original that will be useful for everyone to know how people live there.After all, according to the research, Finland is the most comfortable accommodation for country in Europe where the quality of life and social security combined with favorable environmental conditions.

homeland of Santa Claus

Perhaps the only country in Europe, which knows almost every child - is Finland.Interesting facts for kids: its northern region - Lapland - is the home of Santa Claus.But not everyone knows that he has a passport, where it is written that he was born a long time ago, and his name is in Finnish Yoloupuki, which means "Christmas goat."In Santa Claus has a wife Yoloumarri, which translates as "old Christmas" and his own residence.And what is more interesting facts about Finland can be found?

geographical position of the country

It is situated in the north of Europe and in the eastern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula.Map of Finland is very unusual, as the country is a narrow and long strip: it stretches from north to south for more than a thousand kilometers, and from west to east - 540 km.It ranks 64th in the world in size and is one of the most sparsely populated - there lives a little more than 5 million people, and almost all - in the southern part of the country.About a quarter of the territory is located north of the Arctic Circle.It was there that the residence of Santa Claus.In this part of the country, in Lapland, very cold, and the rest of the climate resembles Russian.This is not surprising: more than 1,000 kilometers of Finland's border runs along the territory of Russia.Yet it borders with Sweden and Norway.This state is often called the land of the midnight sun, because the summer sun does not set - this time of white nights.

Nature Finland

Finns are very respectful and protective of the nature: the country's 30 national parks, access to which is open to all comers.Right on the streets of small towns can be found birds and even bears.Throughout the country there are about 200 resort areas, where the bustle of the city like to spend not only locals, but also priezzhie.Finlyandiya - the greenest country in Europe, almost 80% of its territory is covered by forests.But not only they are a tourist attraction of the state.Finnish country called Suomi, which translates as "land of bogs".This is no accident: about a third of the territory occupied by them, and are not drained.Finns tend not to interfere in the affairs of nature and even the use of renewable energy, to cause her the least possible harm.Therefore, there is the purest water in the world.It can be drunk straight from the tap, even infants.Lake in Finland - is another attraction of it.A total of over 180 thousand.It is located on the fourth largest lake in Europe - Saimaa.Clean reservoirs are full of many islands.This is also one of the attractions that abound in Finland.Photos of the country from a bird's flight is an amazing picture: intricately indented coastline and among the continuous carpet of the forest - spots of blue lakes and rivers tape.Finland does not extract minerals, but still it is - one of the first in the world in terms of life.

Interesting facts about Finland and the policy of the state

  1. People have lived in the country even 9000 years ago.But Finland became an independent state in 1919.And now it is very democratic country.It is no corruption, and the press is the freedom of speech.
  2. In Finland, there is the homeless and the poor, all children receive free education.And in higher education, too, can enter free of charge.
  3. capital of Finland - Helsinki, the cleanest and safest city in the world.There's even a snow-white snow in winter, and some bridges are heated from below.
  4. of the interesting facts about the country is the fact that it was the first, in the beginning of the last century, gave women the right to hold positions in parliament.And now the president of Finland, is a woman.
  5. Finns are able to obtain the greatest in the world of paid leave - 39 days.
  6. addition of democratic freedoms, residents receive from the state is also a guarantee of safety.There's almost no crime.Maybe that's why every year Finland receives more immigrants.There are people from different countries.
  7. Finns speak two languages, and both of them are public: Swedish and Finnish.It is also quite common Russian language, almost all people speak English.
  8. If you remember more interesting facts about Finland, it is possible to mention that this is the first country in the world, which is enshrined in legislation the right of everyone to the Internet.Therefore, it is even in a lonely forest hut.For a country got into the Guinness World Records.

Finns are eating

in Finland is very much a big impact in Sweden and Russia.For a long time it was part of the first one, then another country.This is reflected in the attitude of Finns to eat.For them, the main thing that the food was simple but quality.The most popular dish in the country is round rye bread with a hole in the middle.It is also common fish dishes: crayfish, trout and salmon in its own juice.Finns love the pancakes, fruit and coffee.They consume most of the drink in the world.In Finland, a well-developed animal husbandry, so there is very delicious milk.Finnish dairy products are known in many countries, for example, cheese "Viola" is very fond of Russian consumers.But alcohol in this country drink a little, maybe because he's very expensive.

Sport in Finland

Finns are serious about the sport, it is a means for them to raise the national consciousness.They are popular auto racing, hockey and soccer.The country has for many years is one of the leaders of the Summer Olympic Games.And even ordinary people are interested in sports.It is common walking with ski palkami.Lyubyat residents and fun competitions, such as throwing cell phones or carrying women weighing more than 50 kilograms.But the most favorite activity of the Finns - the sauna.They are considered by its creators came up with even extreme competition: who will stay longer in the sauna at a temperature of 110 degrees.The country has 5 million inhabitants, nearly 2 million of these institutions.Best vacation they find rest in the nature, in a country cottage, where there is certainly a sauna.

Transport in Finland

In this country, probably the most law-abiding drivers: do not sit behind the wheel drunk, do not break traffic rules.Penalties were not fixed, as calculated in accordance with the level of income.In Finland, a very expensive gasoline, but public transport tickets are a bit, especially if you buy a single monthly pass.An adult accompanying a young child, all rides for free.Transport in Finland - is also something amazing.Buses and trams run like clockwork, they never have a crush, and the underground Helsinki, probably the shortest in the world - only 10 stations that can be reached in 20 minutes.But most Finns love to travel by bicycle.They drive the children to school and for adults.In the cities, for this there are special bicycle paths.

Interesting facts about Finland and its people

Finns - a very closed and shy people, they are slow and prefer simplicity in all things, especially clothes.Residents of small towns like sporty style and soft colors, often dressed in trousers and a shirt, even women.About 20% of Finns - people are unbelievers, much of the rest are Protestants.In relationships they value peace and correctness, they may displease violation of the rules that they themselves observe strictly.

Finland - a wonderful country.If you do not like during holiday roast on the beach, be sure to go there - you will not be disappointed.