Can I wash after tanning?

lovers of beautiful sun today there is no need to spend hours lying on the beach in a swimsuit minimum.Solarium - a universal substitute for the sun is available to everyone at any time of the year.However, in order to tan even and beautiful, you should observe certain rules, even when using the artificial sun.A popular question among those who want to tan nicely: whether it is possible to wash after tanning?

Preparations for tanning

Before Sun helpful good clean skin.In the evening, on the eve of a visit to the solarium is useful to make peeling the entire body wash or a hard sponge.If tanning is scheduled for the middle of the day, in the morning you can take a shower.Novices often ask whether it is possible to wash after tanning or better before?So, just before the tan shower is not recommended.It is not necessary to wash away the natural fatty grease generated by the skin, because it is the natural protection of the epidermis.It is strictly forbidden to go to the solarium just after a bath or wet skin.Do not think that you obsohnet naturally.Water droplets will play the role of microscopic lenses, and it may cause burns.Protection products applied to dry skin directly before the tanning session.

Can I bathe immediately after tanning or better to wait?

Experts recommend to wait a few hours after the tanning session before taking a shower or bath.The minimum interval - 2 hours, but it is better to suffer 4. Immediately after tanning can not use hard sponges or scrub.It is advisable to take a shower the day tanning even without detergents.From cosmetics to skin your body needs just today moisturizing lotion or light cream.But alcohol-based or too fat compositions better leave for another day.Can I wash after tanning cream when the skin is unpleasant sticky?The answer is also negative.Choose to hike in the solarium clothes made of natural materials and do not rush to wash protective equipment or special milk "after sun".Your skin will tell you "thank you" and a particularly beautiful tan, if you bear with me for a while, "fat" and "stickiness" of moisturizing lotion.

Why swimming is prohibited?

So, you already know that the question, "Can I wash after tanning?" Estheticians respond negatively.But the threatened violation of this rule, and why not?The fact is that in modern cities shower or bath - this is the real test for our skin.Hard water, soap and other cleaning agents - desiccate the skin, removing the natural protective oil.That's why lovers of water treatment is recommended to always use cosmetics for the body.Do wash away the tan, if you just go after tanning in the shower?Bathing is not completely neutralize the effect of the sun bath, but if you stand for a while after the procedure, before taking a bath, get a tan more intense and smooth.That is why the answer to the question whether it is possible to wash after tanning, no.You do not want to pull the wind the money spent on the procedure and lose aimlessly allocated time for her?

Truth and myths about the sun deck

permissible to combine tanning and swimming pool?Beauticians not recommended in these procedures a day.The public swimming pools chlorinated water has a negative effect on our skin.However, UV radiation is a real stress, has nothing to do with health and beauty.Indeed, many of today's complex has a swimming pool and solarium, but this does not mean that all the services of the center should be used in one day.Many modern fitness centers can boast of having a sauna.We have found it possible to wash after tanning, but what about the combination of tanning sessions and baths?It is also desirable to assign procedures on various days.But if this is not possible, it is acceptable to go to the sauna in the morning and in the evening to think about the color of skin.Do not forget that on the day of solarium should minimize the use of aggressive cosmetics.Be sure to remove makeup before tanning.Do not use alcohol-based lotions or perfumes.Following these simple rules will help you gain a smooth and beautiful tan without harm to health.And most importantly, you now know exactly the answer to the question: "Can I wash after tanning?".