Term of return of goods, or all there is to know about the return.

age of abundance!As well, he has come.Our shelves just bursting with goods.Everyone can find everything your heart desires.We believe that everything can be bought, it is only about the price and timing.Refusal to sell, we can not get a priori.

As a result, shopping has turned our heads.It buys all the necessary and unnecessary.If you watch the queues at the ticket offices of large supermarkets, it may seem that tomorrow again comes the era of shortages.

condition of those who are obsessed with a passion for shopping, similar to alcohol addiction.When morning comes, will regret his actions.After a while you realize that a lot done nothing that awful blouse that by buying on sale a huge amount of shaving foam, you'll use it a couple of years.

Many want to return to the store.The law allows.Terms return goods of good quality are determined by the state and is fourteen days.By the way, this is the most common misconception of our citizens: they think that the product can not change or return without cash or sales receipt.The law does not provide for waiver for this reason, but to prove that you bought goods in this store, you will have to.The testimony will be required.

Term refund for the product is three working days from the date of completion of all the necessary documents and, of course, the reception of the goods by the buyer.This product was not supposed to be used, it shall be all factory seals and tags.But the presence of the package is optional.So if you, for some reason, the packaging broke, do not despair: you can return the product, the main thing - to observe the period of return of the goods.

If the reason why you have decided to return the item is the color, size or something else that does not affect attitudes toward the product, you can offer an exchange, that is to exchange it for another suitable for you in terms.If at the time of the product is no, the seller can offer the same to the conversion of amounts or to inform about the day of delivery to the buyer the necessary model.

reasons for which you may refuse to return, not so much.The first of them - is the period of return of goods if you are not able to return the goods within the above time (day of purchase is not considered), then you will be denied.

Despite the fact that the deadline for return of the goods is not broken, you may be denied if you bought the thing on the list of goods that can not be returned.These include medicines, hygiene products, perfumes, plants and animals, books and much more.

you fail, if you complied with the repayment period of the goods, but do not have a cash register receipt, and ability to provide witnesses to the fact that the goods were bought in the store.

Terms of improper quality returned goods other.You can return the goods within the period specified warranty card.For every product has his own, there are, however, exceptions.For example, with respect to the shoe there is the concept of seasonality.The guarantee will take effect from the date of occurrence of the respective season, and not the date of purchase.Many subtleties, but to fight for their rights need!

Good luck shopping!