Partnership in commendam

general partnership is the union of a group of people or a businessmen, created in order to achieve objectives.And such organizational-legal form requires a simple depositors responsible for the obligations of the company is strictly up to the amount of their investment, and members with voting rights and full responsibility.The first is called limited partners, they do not make any decisions, but only invest money in order to profit in the future.

Under current law, a limited partnership - an organization which can come as a legal or natural person, subject to certain contribution to the authorized capital.However, the general partners may be just the type of commercial businesses or individual entrepreneurs, they also will bear joint and several liability in the event of difficult situations.A simple depositors are considered legal persons who do not want to risk all of their existing assets, or individuals.

are notorious for registration and registration of any enterprise, you must have the whole package of documents.A limited partnership requires the development of the foundation agreement, which was subsequently signed by each general partner.This means that he takes on these commitments and agree with every item of the contract.Ordinary depositors is not necessary to sign this document.

starting out a general partnership and limited partnership at the expense of the statutory fund, which in turn is formed from the contributions of the participants.Start-up capital is wholly owned by the partnership, respectively, full members have the right to allocate funds for the necessary needs.Investors in making a contribution will receive a certificate, wherein the amount of the contribution and the basic details of the party.

At the meeting, members of the organization elected management team, designed to perform the functions of the executive body.A limited partnership is characterized by the fact that the right to vote at the meeting may have only general partners.That is just it has the right to make important decisions about future activities and development of established companies.Ordinary investors in no way related to the activity of the general partners.Even if they do not agree with the decision, it is impossible to challenge.

profit remaining at the disposal of the institution, shall be distributed between the investors in proportion to their contributions.However, any activity of a commercial nature is associated with many risks, that is, with a probability of occurrence of adverse circumstances, resulting in losses to the organization.These losses are written off against share capital and of the personal property of the general partners.Investors are also risk a sum invested.Thus, as the latter would lend to the general partners, trusting them money but not monitoring the use of funds.