What is the organization of construction industry

Organization of construction industry - a set of interrelated activities, which includes:

  1. System preparation for the work of various kinds.
  2. definition and enforcement of the general works, their prioritization and target dates of completion.
  3. Ensure all facility construction required for the smooth operation of kinds of resources.Their presence allows the construction work at the right pace and with high quality.

little theory

Theme issues that unite the phrase "organization of construction industry" is extremely broad.In a separate article, it is impossible to even list here incoming task.If you try to make it very large strokes, the question here should go about the tasks associated with the siting, development project being built object, choice of general contractor providing construction, quality control of the work.

organization of building production - a complex of measures, the implementation of which achieves the desired result.He is entering the facility being built on schedule with expected quality.

Organization of construction production implies ensuring targeted technological, technical and organizational solutions, as well as measures to ensure the fulfillment of obligations under the signed contracts for the construction of facilities.That is their introduction into service on time and with the specified quality while respecting the economic, industrial, economic and other interests of the participants of this building.These include:

  1. customers.
  2. designers.
  3. of the construction, installation and contracting.
  4. Suppliers.
  5. transporters.
  6. Organizations involved in research and development.


methods of organization of construction, used in practice, are part of the construction process, produced by line method when the overall process can be divided into the appropriate steps (construction of the foundation, the device wall, and so on. N.)the implementation of which is entrusted to various teams.In these cases, work on the site begins immediately after the end of the previous building, thus achieving a continuous cycle of work.The main methods are:

  • method of organization, called in-line;
  • cycles of construction projects;
  • works attributed to construction, according to previously drawn up a network schedule.


Fundamentals of building production (basic elements):

  1. Design Works for the construction of the facility, which includes a set of manufacturing processes that are carried out on the construction site.It consists of two basic subsystems: the actual technology of construction and organization of said production.Each of these subsystems has its own scientific base and its own essence.
  2. Design production of these works.
  3. introduction of the so-called line method.

Organization of construction industry rests on scientific foundations and research entities and representative design.It defines the relationship building processes in space and time, operational management and planning of its own production.