Interesting facts about Norway

Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful places on the planet, the country of the midnight sun and northern lights Norway - is truly unique, because there is only crown penguins and monarchs marry only for love.

And what is more surprising the world Norway?

1. His name sofas and bookshelves from IKEA was named in honor of geographical objects in Sweden, carpets - after cities and villages Denmark, and the names of the beds and cabinets are place names in Norway.

2. With some exceptions, spaying and neutering dogs is illegal in Norway.

3. In 2014, Norway took the 1st place in the rating of well-being of the world.

4. Norway - the birthplace of skiing.By the way, translated from the Norwegian word "ski" means "a piece of wood."

5. The most common name in Norway - Odd (Eng. Odd - «odd") and Evan (Eng. Even - «an even").

6. Known as "the loneliest place on the planet" Bouvet Island - uninhabited and most distant from the land a piece of land that is located between South Africa and Antarctica.Although many have tried to lay claim to it, in fact, he is considered to be the property of Norway.

7. In 2008, the King of Norway knighted penguin is the mascot of the Norwegian Royal Guard.

8. Sweden imports from Norway, the garbage, to use it as a fuel in power plants that convert waste into energy.

9. On Norwegian TV channel NRK TV is gaining popularity so-called "slow" reality show.For example, a program broadcast live for 18 hours of spawning salmon, displeased the audience that was, in their opinion, too short.

10. King Harald V of Norway vowed to remain a bachelor all his life, if he could not marry his true love, who was the daughter of a cloth merchant.Subsequently, his fiancee still became queen of Norway.

11. From 1814 to 1905 Sweden and Norway were one kingdom.

12. In 2000, Norway was built the world's longest road tunnel.Its length is 24.5 kilometers.

13. Citizens of Norway, as well as foreigners can get higher education for free.In addition, the state provides students a small stipend.

14. By 2017, Norway plans to become the first country in the world to completely abandon the FM-radio in favor of digital broadcasting.

15. Initially Norway called «Nordweg», which means "northern route".

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