Order of Friendship of Peoples history

Order of Friendship of Peoples in the days of the Union was one of the most prestigious awards.It is awarded only by people who have worked for the benefit of the Fatherland, and aspired to a brighter future.


was established the Order of Friendship of Peoples was born into the world on December 17 in 1972.The seventies in the history of the great Soviet state was one of the most productive in terms of economic development.It was created powerful works for the extraction of coal and oil.During the crisis, the Soviet Union was engaged in active sales of its fuel resources, as well as diamonds.Presidium of the Supreme Power had decided to create the great Order of the USSR.This decision was made to celebrate the 50th birthday of the Union.On July 18, 1980 the statute of the Order of the Soviet Union has changed because of the decree of the government apparatus.

What was the Statute

receive the Order of Friendship of Peoples was not so easy.He was awarded only for the great merits before Fatherland.Get it could only those who had been indifferent to the fate of the peoples of the fraternal and friendly nations.The Order of Friendship was given only to those who believe in a bright future and the building of socialism.Subject construction of economic relations and the development of culture of the Republic of the Union was also one of the most important in this regard.

Who could be awarded the awarding of the Order of the Soviet Union

worthy citizens of the Republic, who are his power and his people to a brighter future.By the same principle the data title may be awarded to enterprises, military units, defense compounds, institutions and existing organizations, the Union and the Republic territory, to preserve the autonomy, county and city.Order of Friendship of Peoples could also be issued to persons who are not citizens of the USSR, however distinguished meritorious service to the Soviet state.

How is the awarding of the Order of the Order of the Soviet Union

was not worthy of a man who has not made a significant contribution to strengthening the cooperation of friendly peoples united socialist union.Large labor achievements in the development of economy of the country also played an important role.The Order of Friendship was given only to those who participated in the nation-building of the Union.The fruitful activity in the field of science and scientific discoveries, too, gave a chance to get this award.

process of rapprochement of the peoples of the Union, their cultural exchange and enrichment, education of citizens in the spirit of the genuine Soviet patriotism, according to the canons of the proletariat made it possible to obtain the Order of the Soviet Union.But the main rule was faithful to the homeland.Let's not forget about the merits in strengthening the defense power of a strong state, which could also contribute to the obtaining of the Order of Friendship of Peoples of the USSR.

Order should be worn according to the rules, which were also registered and officially published.A valuable prize should be worn on the chest, on the left side.Usually it is worn next to the Order of Labor Banner.

Appearance valuable rewards

talk about the appearance of the Soviet Order of Friendship of Nations.It has the shape of a five-pointed star, slightly convex.The surface of the Order of gold and enamel covered by bright red color.Silver verge of pyramid-shaped frame with five star beams on which a golden fountain in different directions brilliant rays.

Order of Friendship of Peoples of the Soviet Union has a gilded emblem of the USSR, which is located in the very center.Individual parts of the emblem covered with colored enamel.Handshakes as a symbol of friendship between the peoples also have a place on the emblem.This symbol is a rim around the coat of arms of the Soviet Union, next to a gold-plated, dark red ribbon with a proud inscription "USSR".Laurel branches that were covered with smooth enamel beautiful green color, is one of the oldest symbols of power and prosperity.

About materials manufacturing

This Order was made of silver, the content of which reaches the standard
38,998 ± 1,388 g This standard was adopted by another 18 September '75 the last century.The total weight of a valuable award was equal to 42,9 ± 1,8 g

About the size of awards

size is typically measured from one end of the pyramidal star to diametrically opposed.So, the original Order has a length of 47 millimeters.
All securities in the Order of the Soviet Union were connected to the pentagonal block.It was covered with a color moire ribbon made of high quality silk Soviet.Belt width, corresponding to the standards of production was equal to 24 mm.The red bar is located along the bottom, had a width of 13 mm and has a kind of a symbol of power and was located in the middle of the tape.

two narrow longitudinal strips like "accompanied by" red tape along the edges.They were symbols of the Soviet vast fields and the sun, which gave a rich harvest.Yellow strip reached lengths of 4 mm.Along the edges of pads placed white stripes and a half millimeters.

History Awards

Order of Friendship of Peoples (the price for it sometimes reaches an impressive amount) - This award is quite rare and is of particular value.Many artists worked to create such a beautiful design of the Order, which has a rather complicated and interesting design.The most commonly awarded to companies and organizations that have worked hard for the good of the Fatherland.The author of the project of the Order appears Beetle Alexander Borisovich.

Republic, who were lucky enough to get the first Order

Barely half of the month as new, only recently established, the Order began to award the first lucky.December 29, 1972 were awarded to the 15 republics, autonomous republics, as well as the region and district of the Motherland.The first award rightfully belonged to the Russian Soviet Republic, while the second award was given to the brotherly Ukrainian people.

Awarding citizens

aviation workers at the time was considered a hero and "Shock Worker", so they were the first people to be awarded this prize.Thus, 199 people were awarded on February 9 during 1973.They fulfilled and overfulfilled the plan for the implementation of air travel, learn a new aviation equipment and help in the reproduction of the national economy.

Awarding organizations and enterprises

Soviet women were very active in terms of social life.They sought not only to its direct gender duties.Everyone wanted to work for the good of the motherland.Just as the Soviet man defended the honor of the motherland, the Soviet Women's Committee made a huge contribution to the development of relations and strengthening of relations between the two brotherly peoples.For this, the organization and was awarded the Order.The award was made on March 6 in '73 of the twentieth century.

Soviet power freed the world from fascism in 1945, so all of its citizens to know firsthand how difficult years of the war and how valuable and important the world.That is why young enthusiasts created their own non-governmental organization for the protection of the world, which was also awarded valuable and honorary Order of Friendship in 1974.

course, not without the foremost industrialists, who have worked for the benefit of the economy and beat some of the "locomotive" of the state.Leningrad association "Kirov Plant" has made a significant contribution to the development of the social economy of the USSR, for which he was awarded the Order of April 30, 1976.

Cultural Organization also made a significant contribution and enabled the Soviet people accustomed to the art, to discover the beautiful, to be better educated and fully developed.Leningrad circus that gave bright upscale presentation, was awarded this order awarding in 1978.

Newspapers filled the minds of our fellow citizens and played an important role in the formation of citizens' awareness of information.Thus, the newspaper "Moscow News" was awarded in 1980, and "Literary Gazette" - in the 1979 Moscow theater "Romen" at the time was considered one of the most famous, its actors and the performances were a favorite for the people of the Soviet Union, so he, too, has been awardedsuch ceremony in 1981.

Folk Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Union had in its composition the best, most talented and experienced dancers who captured, taking in the magical world of dance.They were awarded the Order in 1981.The magazine "Around the World" was one of the most bought as may contain the articles informative and interesting character.They were printed correctly and talented, liked not only adults but also children.

Not surprisingly, was awarded the Order of Friendship and the magazine in 1982.
During the collapse of the Soviet socialist state, the Order of Friendship of the USSR had lost the status of the union and gained the status of the Order of the Russian Federation.But later he returned to the status of the Order of the RSFSR.This event took place in March, the 2nd number, 1992.Since it started releasing again - the appearance has changed a bit, too.Gone are the symbols of the former powers, such as the red ribbon and the words "Soviet Union."

about the history of the Order of the Russian Federation

The first awards ceremony was resumed immediately after the renewal of the Order.The sensational space station "Mir", namely the flights there, studying and displaying courage and heroism were worthy of the great Order of the Russian Federation.

river navigation also took place in the economy of the newly born, a new country, Russia, since river transport is one of the most convenient and less finansovozatratnyh.Besides rivers in Russia a lot, and they are widely used for various kinds of transport.Therefore, on October 20 in 1993 people working in the enterprise unified Volga River Shipping Company, officially received the Order of Friendship of Peoples of the Russian Federation.

There are many celebrities who have been awarded this honorable award:

- Joon Davitashvili, the healer, to which sought the advice of many influential people in the former Soviet Union.

- UNESCO Director Federico Mayor, was also honored with the Order.

- Garry Kasparov is known not only as a great grand master, but as a person who has earned the Order of the Russian Federation.

- Among artists one of the lucky ones who received the famous award was Alexander Shirvindt and writers - Zhvanetski known for his witty jokes, caustic remarks and eloquent remarks.


This order is one of the rare awards since the Soviet Union.And not too much is known about its forms and variations, but some external signs may tell us something interesting.
important to remember that the Order is made up of four parts:

  1. first part - a red five-pointed star with rays radiating outward.
  2. second part - a round medallion framed art images handshakes.
  3. The third part is an emblem of the Union, which is superimposed on the second part (medallion).
  4. In the fourth and final part is a ribbon with the inscription "USSR" dark red.On the arc you can see the mark of "MINT".

Many collectors are willing to buy Order of Friendship of Peoples of the USSR, the price of which is from 500 to 2000 conventional units.It is an antique value.

It is also important to know that the Order of Friendship of the benefits does not provide, though, and is a very rare and very valuable prize.