Why do we need cadastral passport?

to start is to understand what constitutes this document, and when it is needed.

Each construction site must have a cadastral passport with which the process of registration in a public register.Without his presence is impossible to make the sale, donation or probate.

Cadastral passport - is the complete list of the basic characteristics of the state register of capital construction.To obtain required was in the public cadastre and have its own cadastral number.

Usually cadastral passport consists of three parts.

Legend. Expanded explanatory note to the Architectural design, floor plan of the facility.And cadastral number, details of the owner, the category of land and its purpose, the cadastral value, address and other data.

plan .A schematic arrangement of an object on the layout of the site.If this is the room in the floor plan included finding the window and door openings, walls, walls and bridges.

extract from the technical passport. data specified limits of the site, premises.In other words, given a water protection zone laid various communications.

To obtain a required package of documents:

  • applicant's passport;
  • application;
  • technical papers on land, apartment;
  • certificate of ownership;
  • consensus statement from neighbors.

How to get the cadastral passport to the apartment?

primary process of obtaining such a document long enough.This will require a technique to make a call to an object.The specialist will examine, make a technical plan and appoint the date of receipt.If the room is carried out some uncoordinated redevelopment, will have to pay a fine, and only then begin the process of registration documentation.

cadastral passport How to get the land?

primarily produced specialist metering section, the definition of borders and land surveying.It is a topographical map of the area.

If not previously defined the borders, you will have the neighbors to take an agreement for their approval.The receipt is written with his own personal signature of each neighbor.

Based on Land Organization issued technical documentation of the site.In case of discrepancy of data on the size of the site will have to write an explanatory note about the origin of the excess space.

With this package of technical documentation should contact the registration center land cadastre and cartography.The plot is put on the uniform state accounting and cadastral number assigned to it, and then handed out passports.His need to register to obtain a certificate of ownership of the land.

In the case of the sale of the land, if it has already lined up a variety of objects that need to issue them with the technical documentation and cadastral passport.