What motherboard is best to choose?

computer, unlike other electrical equipment, and generally can not buy a full set.Often, the user has to choose all the details of the future of the PC.This brings in the process of buying huge difficulties, especially for people who are poorly understood or may be acquired his first computer.It is important to build it from such details that would not conflict with each other at work.With proper selection of components, your computer will give one hundred percent of its capacity.

most important, or more precisely one of the main components of the computer is the motherboard.Which motherboard is better?The device itself serves as a base to build the entire system unit.Motherboard - a device that has a lot of chips and all kinds of slots for connecting any other equipment.Without it, the computer itself can not exist.

now specifically to the choice of the motherboard with the assembly of the computer and what better motherboards.

quality.Quality of the motherboard can be determined in different ways.Naturally, that is not protestiruesh it, and you do not learn anything.But there are a couple of options, which can determine the quality of the motherboard visually.The first such option - appearance.It should not look like a cheap Chinese-made board.Requires high-quality material, the lack of bent parts and suspicious fractures.The second parameter is the brand board.It should not be unknown brand desirably very well packed.To buy such cards is recommended in special shops.

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Available slots.All motherboards have special slots in which other devices are inserted.The more slots, so naturally, the board has more opportunities to connect.Slots for connecting memory are always paired.There may be two or four, and four predominantly better.Slot graphics card can also have a different number of copies.Modern motherboards them there are two that allows you to increase the amount of video memory by increasing the number of devices.Connector for modem and sound card - is also a very important element.When purchasing the motherboard, first of all, should be familiar with the documents, read a description of all available slots on it and check whether it corresponds to reality, because you can buy quite a different fee, with other people's documents.

In solving the problem, which motherboard is better, need to take into account the cooling.In operation, the computer is always hot.Warm all its parts, the motherboard as well.With its acquisition in the first place, we should pay attention to the presence of the radiator and cooling devices.In the old pay them can not be, but in the new - it is obligatory.

Asked what better motherboards can not be answered unequivocally.Motherboards can be characterized by criteria such as performance, quality and functionality, but may have a variety of products, of course, a variety of settings.One can be a good build quality, but it is not as functional as it should be.In the other - there is everything, but it is very hot.Therefore, when choosing a motherboard definitely should proceed from the specific parameters that you require.Which processor should support it or any memory you want to install? Having defined the parameters, you can choose from the available range has the quality.Also the price.What a good motherboard will cost you a penny?But not always the price plays a role in the choice, because what motherboard better identify all the qualities together.