How to protect against damage and the evil eye once and for all

need only pick up any printed edition of the advertisement, and then sprinkled with its pages offers plenty of black, white, hereditary and graduates of subtle matter.They claim that the move will return in the second half of the family is taken away from my wife or husband, to improve health, financial condition, punish enemies and attackers, remove damage and put the defense to the trouble with you And this never happened.Believe or not such proposals - a purely personal matter, but in reality, how to protect themselves from damage and the evil eye, is it possible at all?

energy attacks

If we look at this problem from the standpoint of the bioenergy, it can be said that the damage (the evil eye) - it's the attack power of one individual to another.Today, no one doubts that a man - this is not just a body endowed with reason, but much more complex and delicate subject.Photographs taken with special equipment, you can see the colored energy fields that can vary in color intensity, size and density, all depending on the health of man, his state of mind.People with a healthy energy easily reflect the malicious promises from the outside, as well as the immune system is in good condition prevents attacks by viruses and microbes.So, in order to know how to protect themselves from damage and the evil eye, you need to understand what actions strengthen energy.

According to the nature

Man originally by nature is set to creation, it is this process is for him a natural and beneficial.Therefore, you should follow some rules in their daily lives.This will both protect against the evil eye and spoilage, and improve their health and life in general:

  • Avoid excessive amounts of food of animal origin, as well as stimulants.You probably know it firsthand: coffee or tea in large quantities can give strength to a powerful spurt, but then necessarily come rollback, which will only aggravate the situation.The connection between the spiritual and the physical body is very strong, so you need to take care of each of them.
  • Avoid negative chronic conditions.If they still visit you, you need to find out what is their source, to eliminate this cause or attempt to weaken its impact.
  • Please, look around the pleasant features, be able to enjoy everything that surrounds you and be thankful for it.Benefits people - charity or just sympathetic words for those who need it - all this has a positive influence on energy.
  • Learn how to create, is not so important that it will be - grown flowers, painted pictures, educated children or smiles on the faces of the people who talked with you.

performing these cosmic laws, the question of how to protect themselves from damage and the evil eye, for you will not be urgent.

Opinion church

Today, in many countries, the occult is flourishing.Do not ask for any help from the wizards and grandmother, even if they will present themselves as "white" are to their church rites attributes - prayers, icons and candles.All this is from the evil one.Go to church, get "his" Father, take communion, hold office and confess.The soul, burdened by sin, is susceptible to such influences.Do not guess, do not conspire against damage or any other.Do not forget to pray (at least at night).Remember, no way, tells you how to put the protection from damage, do not exist.This is the same absurdity as to forgive the district supply you with the help of ritual protection from scammers and thieves.Most likely, he will advise you to be careful and avoid places or situations in which an attack may occur on your life or property.The same God tells us.Compliance with these covenants they will protect you from foreign influences much stronger than questionable appointment procedures.