Halos - it is a multidimensional concept

Visually, we are familiar with this concept, considering the icons.Each of the heads of the Saints depicted ring - halos.It is a measure of their holiness.

Nimbus Orthodoxy

In Christianity, the glow around the head has its own specific meaning.It refers to one who has attained the highest connection with the Lord.In addition, the halos - a measure of righteousness.The man who could not sin and do good in life, could not get the status of the Holy.He was then depicted with a halo over his head.Interestingly, the shape of the emission can be not only circular.Sometimes it is portrayed as a triangle, at least - a hexagon.The head of Jesus is always inscribed in a round halo.In addition, there is a cross - the symbol of faith.Saints are always portrayed with a golden glow.And here at the martyrs it could be silver.

Nimbus other form

Although the two religions have the same base, there are significant differences in their interpretations.For example, a halo angel Catholicism may acquire unimaginable forms.Christian painters depict a circle above his head, Catholic - glow around her.The frescoes in some of the temples are depicted churchwarden square halos.It is believed that this is a special tribute to people doing good things for society.The square shape of light - a sign that the earth is a resident, received special trust Saints.From the seventh century to have survived the murals, which depict warden next to the Saints.There is an explanation: a person who invested their money in the construction of the temple.Saint - his patron.

Provenance concepts

Scientists have put forward a plurality of versions of the characters.Some believe that the halos - a pastiche of icons in the drive, which the ancient Greeks covered their statues from the sun.There are more sublime version.On one of them, the gods coming to the people, based on the light.If abstractly imagine what it looked as if the person is standing against the sun, which looks out from behind his head.These represent the highest being ancient.So they portrayed them and what left a lot of material evidence - from cave paintings to books.In any case, the version that halos - a measure of closeness to God, more real.

How to use the concept in science

concept was shaped so that when they began to study the light and stars, could not think of a better word.Rather, the term appeared, but did not take root.Thus, the phrase "nimbus of the Sun" describes the whole phenomenon, which is called differently halo.It is the appearance of a kind of aura around the light source.It is connected with the fact that the rays have to interact with the atmosphere before they reach our eyes.It turns out that the energy beam is eroded, forming a beautiful ring.Is halo around a celestial light source, and not just near the sun.Nearsighted people watch it almost always.This is due to the peculiarities of perception.Gloria - called phenomenon of formation of the glow around the aircraft.

Nimbus philosophy

meaning of the concept is frequently used in other sciences.So, if you want to describe the accuracy, validity of certain phenomena, we speak of his nimbus.Thus, it is clear that this phenomenon or a person manifests a kind of "righteousness."Nimbus can be used to dispel the stable phenomena or social traditions that are contrary to, for example, with morality.Then the concept is treated as unauthorized appropriation.For example, the removal of the halo with the leader.That is what declares a person, not a value to society.

Can I see a halo?

Here's how describes the surprising phenomenon that can be observed in the summer on Valaam.If at the beginning to see into the water from a boat, then you can see the shadow of his true halo.Everyone sees only his own "sign of holiness."In the shadows of other people it is a miracle not noticeable.It is considered one of the wonders of the holy place.In addition, there is often observed plasmoid and other unique phenomena.