Save the beauty helps spoon!

Did you know that getting rid of wrinkles and sagging skin, you can use ... ordinary spoon.

use absolutely any spoons.But it is better to choose a massage lozhechnogo cupro-nickel or silver spoons.To get good results, you need every morning before breakfast to take this simple procedure about half an hour.

So, clean your skin in a conventional manner, apply a moisturizing cream or essential oil and proceed.The main thing - it's massaging motion.Clockwise, they are made with pressure.Cons - only light strokes.

lozhechny doing facial massage is best to start with age.To get rid of edema, it will take a cold spoon.First, make sure there is a rash on the skin and redness - in these cases the cold is contraindicated.If there are no problems - go ahead!Spoon much cool and at least five times apply to the eyelids.This exercise will tighten the skin on the upper eyelids and quickly relieve swelling.

remaining areas of the face can be massaged in a manner reminiscent of the variables compresses.Whoever turns are applied hot and cold spoon.It improves skin tone.Spoons can be cooled and heated in a decoction of herbs.

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wrinkles on your face will manage well with a spoon heated, lubricated with a nourishing cream or honey.And to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead, it requires special massage movements.First, heat the spoon and lubricate it with cream.Then attach it to the base of eyebrows and light circular movements lead to temples.Repeat at least 10 times.

Finally, pay attention to the nasolabial fold.Perform circular movements of the lips along the cheek - to the ears.Do this in several approaches from the top lip, and then - from the bottom.

décolleté massage exceptionally warm spoons.It is advisable to lubricate them with a special cream for décolleté, or wheat germ oil or olive usual.From hollows neck in a circular motion to move the armpit.

for neck and need warm spoon, oiled the same cream or butter.Spend the rotational movement of the base of the neck to the chin.The skin becomes more elastic neck and double chin will slowly disappear.

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