Image of Chichikov: childhood and adolescence Pavel Ivanovich

Create poem "Dead Souls" had just at a time when there was a change in Russian traditional, outdated fabric of society, brewing reforms, changes in people's thinking.Even then it was clear that the nobility with its old traditions and outlooks on life gradually dying out, to be replaced it would come a new type of man.The purpose of Gogol - describe the hero of his time, declare it in a loud voice, to describe its positive and negative traits, explain what will it work, and how it will affect the fate of other people.

central character poem

Nikolai Chichikov in the poem made the central character, it is not a main character, but that it keeps the story of the poem.Travel Pavel Ivanovich is a framework for all of the work.No wonder the author of a biography of the hero placed at the end, the reader is not interested in Chichikov himself, his curiosity his actions, what he collects these dead souls, and where this will lead in the end.Gogol does not even attempt to reveal the nature of the character, but he is familiar with the features of his thinking, thus giving a clue where to look for the essence of the act of Chichikov.Childhood - that's where the roots are, even at the tender age of the hero form your worldview, vision of the situation and finding ways of solving problems.

description Chichikov

childhood and early years Pavel Ivanovich unknown to the reader at the beginning of the poem.Gogol portrayed his character faceless and voiceless: on the background of bright, colorful images of the landlords with their cranky figure Chichikov lost, it is small and insignificant.He has neither his face nor the right to vote, the hero resembles a chameleon, skillfully adapts to his companion.It's a great actor and a psychologist, he knows how to lead in this or that situation, immediately determine the nature of man and does everything possible to arrange it for themselves, he says only that wish to hear from him.Chichikov could play a role, pretending to hide true feelings, trying to be among strangers, but he does it in order to achieve the main goal - own well-being.

Childhood Pavel Ivanovich Chichikov

World man is formed at a young age, so many of his actions in adulthood can be explained by a well-studied the biography.What guided why collecting dead souls, which it would like to achieve - all these questions are answered Chichikov characteristics.Childhood hero can not be called happy, he constantly harassed the boredom and loneliness.No friends, no fun knew in his youth Pavlusha he did monotonous, boring and completely uninteresting work, listened to the reproaches of the patient's father.The author did not even hinted about maternal affection.From this we can draw one conclusion - Pavel Ivanovich wanted to catch up, to get all the benefits that were available to him as a child.

But do not think that Chichikov heartless rusk, thinking only of his enrichment.He was a kind, active and sensitive child, subtly perceive the world.The fact that he often ran away from the nurse, in order to explore the unprecedented space indicates curiosity Chichikov.Childhood shaped his character, taught to achieve all their own.Father Pavel Ivanovich taught to save money and to please superiors and rich people, and he embodied these teachings into practice.

Childhood and studies Chichikov were gray and uninteresting, he tried every possible way to break out in people.First, he pleased the teacher to become a favorite pupil, then the chief promised to marry his daughter to get a raise, working at the customs, to convince all its honesty and impartiality, and the smuggling is making a huge fortune.But all this does not Pavel Ivanovich with malice and with the sole purpose - to realize a childhood dream about a large, bright building, caring and loving wife, a bunch of cheerful children.

Community Chichikov landlords

Pavel Ivanovich all could find a way, from the first minutes of communication to understand what the man.For example, with a box he is not particularly ceremony talked patriarchal piety and even slightly patronizing tone.With landowner Chichikov felt relaxed, tried vernacular, coarse expressions, fully adjusting to the woman.With Manilov Pavel Ivanovich vysokoparen and courteous to cloying.It flatters the landlord, in a speech uses flowery phrases.Refused the offer of food, even Plyushkin hit Chichikov."Dead Souls" is very well demonstrated the volatile nature of man, as Paul I. adapted to like almost all the landlords.

How Chichikov looks in the eyes of others?

Activity Pavel Ivanovich very frightened city officials and landlords.First they compared it with the romantic bandit Rinaldi Rinaldini, then started looking for similarities with Napoleon, thinking that the great commander escaped from the island of Helena.In the end, in Chichikov recognized most of this Antichrist.Of course, such comparisons are absurd and even somewhat comical, Gogol ironically describes the fear minded landowners, their conjectures about what is actually collected Chichikov dead souls.Characteristics character hints at the fact that the characters are not the same as were before.People could be proud of, look to the great generals and defenders, and now there are no such people, they were replaced by selfish Chichikovs.

real "I" character

You would think that Paul I. - a fine psychologist and an actor, because it easily adapts to the necessary people, instantly guesses their character, but is it reallyreally?Hero could not adapt to Nozdryov because impudence, arrogance, familiarity alien to him.But here he is trying to adapt, because the landlord is incredibly rich, hence the appeal to "you", boorish tone Chichikov.Childhood taught Pavlusha pleasing to the right people, so it is ready to transcend themselves, to forget their principles.

At the same time Sobakevich Pavel Ivanovich almost pretending because they share the ministry of "penny".And Plushkin has some similarity Chichikov.A character ripped from the post poster read it at home, neatly folded and placed in a casket, which contained all sorts of unnecessary things.This behavior is very much like Elijah, prone to hoarding of different stuff.That is Paul himself Ivanovich not so far departed from the same landlord.

main goal in life Hero

Money, money and money again - just for this gathering Chichikov dead souls.Characteristics of the character indicates that he invents various machinations not simply for profit, there is no avarice and parsimony.Pavel Ivanovich dreaming that the time will come when he will be able to finally use their savings to heal a quiet, comfortable life, not thinking about tomorrow.

The author's attitude to the hero

There is an assumption that in later volumes Gogol Chichikov planned to rehabilitate, to make him repent of their deeds.Pavel Ivanovich in the poem is not opposed to the landlords or officials, he - the hero of the capitalist system, "pervonakopitel", which replaces the nobility.Chichikov - a skilled businessman, entrepreneur, who does not stop at anything to achieve their goals.Sting with dead souls failed, but because no punishment has not suffered Pavel Ivanovich.The author suggests that the country has a huge number here such here Chichikov and stop them no one wants.