How to clear the internal memory of "Android" and accelerate operational

What to do when the phone started to slow down and hang out?How to clear the internal memory of "Android" and unload operational?Such questions are highly relevant, because now many have a phone or tablet "Android."But out there, and it is located below.

Why not have enough memory?

Memory for phones and tablets, as well as on the computer, divided into 2 types: storage and operational.You should not be confused, as they are different types and they perform different tasks.

memory - temporary memory that stores a time data and commands.If the device is disabled, this information will be removed.RAM also depends on the number of concurrent data, or in a simple way - performance.Each user may have noticed that sometimes the phone begins to think long and hang out.This means that the RAM is overloaded, and the normal operation it is not enough.To avoid this was necessary to clear the memory."Android" this will work better.

due to lack of memory as follows:

  • opened a lot of heavy applications;
  • buy instagram followers
  • accumulated a large number of unnecessary temporary files;
  • programs that run in the background.

memory for data storage is designed to store information.Physically, it is represented by the internal memory of the phone or as an external - on a flash card.The reason for such lack of banal: too much information on a carrier (not necessarily required).

How to clean the internal and external memory of the phone?

The answer is very simple: only delete unnecessary files, pictures, videos, music and so on.. But before the internal memory "Android", you need to find these files.This will help us a file manager, such as ES File Explorer or Total Commander.Go, select the files are deleted.If there is such a program, you should be sure to download it, as it is not exactly superfluous.The easiest way to download from the Play Market.

If the location of the unnecessary data is unknown, and a problem such as the internal memory "Android" will not go away, you can use specialized software, for example, CCleaner.Turn it, click "analysis" and waiting for the results, and then remove all unnecessary.

also would be unimportant to move all applications from the phone memory to the memory card.Go to Settings \ Application \ downloaded, click on the option and sort by size.Next, select the application you want, click "Move to SD-card."

net operating memory

This problem how to clear the phone's memory, much more serious than clearing space on the flash drive as RAM is responsible for the performance of the system, which means that for the normal operation of the device as a whole.Therefore, it must be cleaned more often.You can do this in several ways:

  • First of all, you will need a specialized program, at least the same CCleaner.The procedure is the same: run, press the "Analysis", after the "cleaning", but it does not mark the data from the memory card.This program deletes the cache and temporary files that interfere with normal operation.
  • Go to Settings \ Application \ all sort by size.Then select the application, click "Erase Data" and "Clear Cache".All consecutive clean is not worth it, because then not only removes temporary files, and saved passwords, save games, and so on. D.

  • Close unnecessary programs that are running.Press House, after which a list of previously launched and work programs.Flick your finger in the direction of closing those that are not needed.

program to clean

Programs that deal with issues such as clear the memory of the tablet "Android" or smartphone device to optimize and speed up its work - a great many.Like everywhere else, have their favorites, here too, there are the most effective tools.

Clean Master (Cleanup Wizard)

popular and very common software, which easily will clear the junk files, cache and data from the internal memory.In addition, a very useful feature, as the acceleration of the games, the cooling of the processor, the finding of virus and spyware, and many others.


already known application.Besides cleaning has the following useful features: removing logs and SMS calls, application optimization and unloading of RAM.Very easy to use.

The Cleaner - Boost & amp;Clean

If the previous options in this case have not helped, the output is still there.The Cleaner - Boost & amp;Clean - a great answer to the common question of how to clean the internal memory "Android."It will clear the cache without any problems, unwanted junk, clear the RAM and increase the speed of the device.In addition, it can help to remove the application, clean the entries in the contacts and SMS.

Close background programs

pretty much eat RAM running in the background of the program.To solve this problem is simple, as clear memory of your phone again, special tools help to conserve battery power.

DU Battery Saver

One of the leading popular tool for saving battery.Useful what closes the background programs that load the RAM and thereby inhibit the mobile device.

Battery Doctor

application with the same function - to save battery power by closing unnecessary background programs.It has a simple and nice widget that is a circle by pressing the silver arrow will start cleaning.

However, the utility is closed, not all unnecessary background processes, and if it is closed, it is temporary.There are quite unnecessary pre-installed services such as Facebook, Gmail, and other navigators.However, to remove or disable them impossible.To do this, you need to get right super administrator, or root rights.But we should not be broken up and get them to run.Because of carelessness or ignorance, you can carry your important files that are responsible for normal operation of the OSes, then there will be only flashing or rollback system.Therefore, this need to be careful.