The system of federal bodies of executive power in the Russian Federation

In the Russian Federation dominated by the principle of separation of powers.In accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation government is divided on the judicial, executive and legislative.Each of them has its own competence, area of ​​responsibility and autonomy.

Government of the Russian Federation - is the highest federal authority, which includes a system of federal bodies of executive power.It consists of departments and ministries have their specific area of ​​responsibility.

After the election and the oath to the people The President shall within two weeks submit to the State Duma a candidate for Prime Minister.After that, with the consent of the President appoints federal ministers and their deputies.When all the candidates will be approved, the government will start its activities.

At the end of tenure of office of the President of the elections are held, during which, by universal, equal, secret ballot shall elect a new President.At that time, when he takes an oath to the people, the government ceases its activities.In addition, the system of federal bodies of executive power shuts down in the event of:

1) His resignation, if it was accepted by the President.Note that after this government is obliged to continue its activities as long until the appointment of a new composition.

2) If the State Duma has expressed confidence in the Government and the President supported this decision.

main objectives of which are exercised by bodies of state power of the Russian Federation, are federal property management, development and execution of the federal budget after approval by the State Duma and, of course, holding a credit, monetary and fiscal policies.Everything else, it must report to the Federal Assembly on its activities.Solutions that makes the system of federal bodies of executive power - the decisions and orders it.It is important that these decisions should not be contrary to the provisions enshrined in the Russian Constitution, otherwise they will be invalid, as well as all contrary to her laws and regulations.

In addition, it is necessary to know what the system of federal bodies of executive power is present in our country, what are its functions and features, it is also important to have an idea about what kind of structure are prosecutors' offices.Since it is, of course, it is an important component of the government.After all, the prosecutor's activities is to regulate the actions of the management and the police.

Prosecutor's Office is a system of organs, which is subordinate to the Attorney General.The structure of the prosecution of the country is as follows: General Prosecutor's Office, the Prosecutor's Office of cities and districts, the military prosecutor, specialized prosecutor's office and, of course, educational and scientific institutions, the prosecutor's office.Their work makes it possible to function the entire system of state power.