Event marketing as effective advertising for any business

Previously, low-budget audio clips on the radio or full of ads at bus stops were the main marketing moves companies to attract new customers.Now everything has changed - advertising has a tremendous opportunity.Almost every month in the advertising market, new media and content development.Manufacturer for wider awareness and increase consumer demand for its product uses a variety of different technologies.

products and services market is crowded, and every day it becomes more and more manufacturers.For the attention of each customer are fighting hundreds of companies, or even thousands.To be effective, the campaign has to be applied not only ATL-and BTL-technology stocks.

in event marketing includes presentations, corporate events, promotions, fairs, charity events, holidays, and so on.

BTL-technology - direct contact with the consumer.This method allows to establish a "dialogue" of the company and the potential buyer, push him to make a purchase.

One of the most effective areas of BTL is considered to event marketing, or event-actions.These marketing moves are promoting not only goods, but also the company itself.Large companies that care about their image, regularly hold such shares.

Event marketing is almost always raises sales and creates loyal audience.These actions allow the user to touch the product, learn more about its production and brand.Also at these meetings the buyer feels cared about themselves, about their needs, that too is an asset to the manufacturer.

Event marketing will always have a social character.These projects can be broadly targeted and have several founders and sponsors, but also attract a large number of potential customers.

for successful event marketing must clearly choose the venue, the staff and the host, as well as the target audience.The organizer of the event must not only savvy showman, but also literate marketer and, of course, creative adman.

event marketing to help get the expected response of consumers, it is necessary to clearly understand its purpose - increasing loyalty and marketing of the product.The company must clearly understand what proportion of the budget is spent on such an event.

As an example, one of the highlights, which was organized by SONY in the distant nineties, when the shops there their first mobile phone.The manufacturer has hired hundreds of actors who were walking to nightclubs.They are familiar with different people and flirted with them.During the conversation, the phone rang at the actor.Of course, that was exactly what the new mobile device.After this action phone sales increased by several times, the brand has become more recognizable, because everyone was talking about the strange acquaintances and stunning "mobile phone".

Marketing activities may have a different budget.However, the most important thing in the shares - is creativity.Event organizer must think beyond the standard forms of advertising campaigns.

In the history you can find a huge number of examples of big-budget shares, which have been a failure, as opposed to expensive and can deliver low budget, but interesting and colorful event, after which followed the dynamic growth of consumer loyalty.