Sign of the female sex - the starting point

need strong not respect themselves, if we assume that your ancestors thought about being failed to notice that life springs from two principles.Each began self-sufficient, but only when combined, have continued and a new quality.This principle is present in everyone, the slightest, the manifestation of life.Even germs and bacteria, although divided in half at reproduction, but spiked a certain momentum, which is similar to love, begin to show their dvoesuschnost.

course, our ancestors about the depths of life, that drop in modern microbiology, knew little.But just look at the scheme of steppe mounds that were created 7-10 thousand. Years ago in our land to see the sign of the female and male (where do without it).They did not shovel the hand put per capita.There, they have well-defined architecture.And they arranged in pairs, and between love affair designated symbolic additions.

Pripontidy With signs and symbols separated by light

Pripontida - a geographical region: Black Sea and Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov.Modern female sign - "Mirror of Venus" is nothing but a simplified symbol of the beautiful half of humanity, which was created by our ancestors.It is a schematic representation of the right circle from the bottom, which is adjacent to a small cross (similar to a mirror on a stick).

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By analogy with him in our time, and painted a sign male, calling it "a spear of Mars."But he suffers primitivization understanding the essence of the man.It is better to have old pattern, and then it would not have, in order to symbolically mark the love of men and women who weave the ring.

Not all, but some are burial mounds of the steppe.But this is not the burial grounds of kings, what are the Scythian burial mounds (Scoloti) times.It is a symbolic image of the womb of Mother Earth, which is necessary in the seed - the corpse of a man laid in the fetal position.E. Our ancestors understood that the resurrection is a reality, even 7-10 thousand. Years before the birth of Christ.

What is a female sex symbol throughout symbolic fullness and give an ornament that still love to decorate their clothes women subconsciously choosing from many others.It meanders oval rolled into the oval which is open in one place - the entrance;to this entry are two petals.

not only need to take the clothes with the image of a square meandering labyrinth of the Minotaur, which is closed.It symbolizes the generation of powerful monstrosities.Deployed as meanders, which are woven and comes apart, forming patterns, but does not close the space, you can draw on clothes.This symbols and signs of invisible waves of love that men attracted to women.

easier, but significantly

sign male symbols - a set of gentle lines that form the fungus.They can see each on the domes of St. Basil's Cathedral and in the ornaments that adorn the famous architecture of Kizhi.This sign is present even anatomical details, but no vulgarity.

These lines represent the masculine restlessness and ambition.And only came under the influence of waves of love that sign is what it lacks.Therefore paired mounds Pripontidy arranged exactly as one can easily guess: the line agreed in the fungus, which is aimed at the entrance of a closed oval meander, which differ Broken meanders - symbols of love poured out in the universe.Sign of the female sex in this complex of two mounds dominates masculine sign.But this is not the dominating power.

When in ancient times were the rituals, just the lines that converge in the fungus, and people came to worship the parent entity of the Earth.That is, in a symbolic ritual form displays everything that happens between male and female beings in real life.

Simplism and departing from the spirit

When the world began to disperse the Aryan race-farmers, they took away with them the sign of a female in their ritual things and ornaments.It was a time, which is now designated by the term "matriarchy".In the view of the inhabitants of modern matriarchy seen this: a woman sitting in the house and occasionally chasing her husband with a stick in the yard, all leads and selects earned him money.

Connecting two entities in love begets life

The same happened to simplify understanding of signs and symbols.Why sign a female was taken with him?Yes, because motherhood should not run around and look for something.If it starts to run around and look for something, you just kind of die out.And the essence of men in those days, the female essence erected to the rank of deities and shrines.And with the help of this simple moral and the moral imperative Aryan race, the farmers get more benefits in the development of civilization.

Labyrinth Minotaur

modern understanding of two fundamental essence of life has led to the fact that they are connected to one, as if we, the people, not higher organisms on Earth, and the worms and germs, which is precisely the inherent androgyny.It can serve as a symbol of the labyrinth of the Minotaur: closed on itself a love that generates powerful monstrosity.He just sacrificed in the ancient Greek myth of young girls and guys - seven male and female essences per year.The symbolism is transparent enough.