How to book a hotel on their own?

Going on vacation, you can save a decent, if you book a hotel on their own, without resorting to the services of travel agencies.In addition, due to the fact that in recent cases of bankruptcy of companies engaged in the organization of rest, stay yourself and buy tickets much safer.Besides, you can not hurry to choose a hotel, read reviews about it, compared to other options, and only then make a decision.

Where better to book a hotel

If you decide to book a hotel on their own, the easiest and most convenient way - to do it via the Internet.Today there are many sites for booking hotels around the world.When looking at the best use of multiple sites.Since the cost of the same placing on different resources may differ significantly.

You can also book a room at the official website of the hotel itself.But we must bear in mind that the price may be higher.Since the hotel booking sites offer discounts.

most popular booking sites

Resources, through which you can stay in a hotel, a great many, but not to get caught cheating scam, it is best to use the services of proven companies.The most famous booking sites - and it - a platform with which to start searching the hotel.This resource book a hotel directly does not work, since his job is to find the offer in a given hotel and compare it to the price of the booking resources.In addition, here you can see all shares that are currently on that site for booking hotels.If you're lucky, the hotel may cost less at 50 or even 80 percent. - is the most famous site is intended for hotel reservation.It is used by people living in Russia and abroad.Since it is the largest site, where you can almost always find a decent discount.The main advantage of this resource is that many hotels can be booked without prepayment or guarantee of 10% of the cost of the stay.Also, if you change your mind, that for the abandonment of armor most hotels do not charge a penalty.


  1. Open website for booking and enter in the search box country, city or resort destination where you want to go.After the system will give results, we study the proposed options.

  2. To facilitate the choice of found results can be sorted by price, star, guest visitors.In addition, the system allows you to directly specify the conditions necessary to find and choose the hotel for its location on the map.

  3. defined the choice of hotels, click "Book".A window will open which will include prices for this hotel, and booking options.After selecting the appropriate option, you go to the website, dealing directly with redundancy.Suppose it

  4. Once you have decided on a system of provision, to the page of the hotel, where you will need to choose the type of accommodation and food system.As a rule, all hotels offer breakfast, which can be or are already included in the price, or you can have them make the reservation.

  5. After clicking on "Book" you will be prompted to enter contact information and credit card number.This information is needed only hotel to guarantee your booking, no pre-payment, they are not removed.However, when creating a reserve is necessary to read the rules of cancellation, some hotels do it for free, but there are hotels, which indicate the time frame possible cancellation without penalties.If you cancel the reserve later, the hotel will charge the amount of the penalty area from the card, it is usually equal to the daily room rate.Most hotels take payment only upon departure.

  6. contact information and your name must be specified in English letters.You can also specify any suggestions, for example, that you need a parking space for a car or ask for an extra bed.

  7. Once you enter the card number and press the "Book Now", you will receive a letter in the mail confirming the reservation.It is advisable to print it out and take with you, it can be useful not only in the hotel, as the road.For example, those where you are going can ask in the border zone.

What should I look for if you decide to book their own hotel

  1. First of all, when choosing a hotel worth paying attention to his stardom, and this should be adjusted for the intended country vacation.Thus, if the three stars in Europe - quite a decent hotel, then, for example, in Turkey or Egypt is better to consider a hotel of a higher category.

  2. Distance from the airport, the city center and the sea.Agree that after the aircraft did not really want to shake in the bus two or even three hours.It is also not very comfortable to adjust their campaigns at sea under the bus schedules or spend every day by taxi.

  3. power supply system at the hotel.It is very important how the hotel organized food, is whether the payment numbers only breakfast, or lunch and dinner are also included.

  4. Additional free services such as pool, gym, children's room.

  5. If you are traveling by car, the first thing you should pay attention to - whether a hotel offers parking or not, and if so, how much it costs.

  6. hotel reviews.This is the most important point, which should be almost crucial when choosing a hotel.And to focus on one or two reviews is not, you want to see as much as possible responses to before to book hotel on their own to form an opinion about the hotel.

Select and book your hotel on the coast of Turkey

Turkish coast - one of the most visited and favorite places of Russians.This is due to the relatively low cost, excellent service, delicious food, sunshine and the close proximity of the country.If you are coming for a week, then, of course, it is easier to buy ready-made tour operator, but if you are going to spend in this fabulous country for at least a month, it would be wiser to give up the services of third parties and own hotel room.

If you plan to book a hotel in Turkey by yourself, first identify with the area of ​​the country will depend on not only the price of a hotel, but the quality of the beaches, the surrounding nature, the presence of Historic Places, as well as rest.So Belek is famous for its sandy beaches and high prices;Kemer you will find a wonderful climate, but would have to sunbathe on the rocks;Side you will find a dilapidated historical monuments, but the surround you will be mostly tourists from Germany;Alanya you will feel almost at home, as this is a favorite resort of our compatriots.

determine the place, enter in the search box at the category, number of people and planned rest days.If you're going on holiday with children, specify their age.Turkish hotels do not charge for the stay of children up to 2 years.

When will the list of hotels, pay attention to the power supply system, distance from the sea and feedback.After reading the reviews online booking, look at what people write about the hotel on other sites, such as a reservation, in the comments, you can leave the information that you need to transfer, and employees are happy to meet you at the airport.

Book hotels in the capital of Turkey, Istanbul

- very beautiful, ancient city, reminiscent of oriental fairy tale.However, not all visit the Turkish capital with a view to admire the beauty, someone huge bazaars beckon someone coming on business.Before you book a hotel on their own, it is necessary to determine the purpose of the trip, as well as the budget.If your trip is only a tourist, you budget allows, it is best to consider the hotels in the old city center of Sultanahmet.

Of course, living in a historic place will cost much more, but there are the best hotels in Istanbul.Book yourself a better hotel in advance, as the hotel in the historic city demand.If you reserve rooms in the center of Istanbul, pay attention to its size, since this part of town are characteristic of the hotel with tiny rooms.

How to book a hotel in Spain

planning a trip to Spain in advance decide which city and venue you book your hotel.In Spain, choose to stay and simply, as all hotels in the country, even those with only two stars, very good.In addition, to save on restaurants, you can chose the aparthotel where the rooms look like a small apartment, with not only the bedroom and a full kitchen for cooking.Most budget hotels can be found in areas of the Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Costa Blanca.The most expensive options offer holiday resorts of the Costa de Almeria, Costa de Sol, as well as the islands of Ibiza and Mallorca.

Tips reservations yourself

Summing up, it is necessary to dwell on some of the nuances that are desirable to provide in advance if you intend to book your own hotel.Tips, which is to listen, to avoid the problems listed below:

  1. To not have to pay the extra day, specify the time of arrival and departure when booking.

  2. know in advance time of the reception, to arrive at night or early morning, do not face the closed doors.

  3. Before you make out your check out cancellation policy, in case of a change of plans did not lose money.

Now you know how to book a hotel on their own and can travel and save money on travel agency services.