Educational program for pregnant women: What signs do not believe?

birth and the birth of a new man - a miracle.No wonder so many prejudices, myths and taboos exist around pregnancy ... Some are so resistant to the different cultures that scientists have to study these sacred myths and scientific answers to give, confirm or refute popular superstitions and beliefs.

Walk on some of them, the good Dr. Shann Tassoni Arizona gathered together all the prejudices in one of the chapters of his book, "Hands off the belly!" (The book is interesting, pregnant women and future fathers encouraged to read).

Heartburn - to volosatenky. And what do you think?Johns Hopkins University conducted a count in 2009.All the observed 64 mothers with babies born appreciable heartburn do with increased body hair of the head.There is no scientific explanation.We are waiting.And while we believe.Although hairs still grow oblezut and others.

Born in a shirt - fame, wealth and providchestvu.Many great were born under a lucky star: Lord Byron, Napoleon, Caesar few (if Suetonius believe).Our entire lives in a soft cocoon in uteri.The inner layer of its store called the amnion, external - chorion.The amniotic sac, or part of it (especially at the head) at birth sometimes as if glued to the temechku.And sometimes the baby appears entirely transparent capsule, the amniotic sac.It's funny, but no more.Wealth and fame he will seek the most.Let the father will take a photo to remember cub - will encourage ambition.

mood swings to the worst may harm the baby. Well, we moody and emotionally over the edge when pregnant.And all hormones.If you are naughty and grumble quietly on health.But screaming badly.With six months of pregnancy, the child is already great to hear your cries.This nice?Anyway, take care of the child's ears.This applies to all the loud sounds.

Platsentofagiya. Russia is not threatened, but closer to China, Mongolia, Korea ... They believe that placental tissue heals from diseases such as asthma, lung disease, depression, strengthens the immune system.The Indians still observe the ancient custom of the placenta on maternal plant a new tree in honor of the birth of the child.The tree becomes the guardian of his totem.In hospitals the staff is willing to meet - the new man is issued together with the placenta.In many Asian countries from the dried maternal placental made amulets and charms.God is with them, if they like, but nothing in the placenta is not healing.

pregnant should eat for two. Then do not be offended that you can not lose weight after giving birth.Moms have been and there is one.And second of all there is a maximum of 5 kilos.So how much does he want?Up to six months, eat like eating for one, but after six months you can start and for the guy: the science says that calorie intake (not its volume!) Should be increased by 250-300 calories per day.In short, do not lean on the food.Here is a myth - a very harmful myth.

Multiple pregnancy - always the result of infertility treatment. Too true, but harmless.Double-triplets - a natural phenomenon.Although due to certain prerequisites:

- after 35 years, women are more likely to give birth to twins;
- the more pregnancies, the higher the chance of multiple pregnancy;
- heredity through the maternal line to a multiple pregnancy;
- race woman.African women often give birth to twins.

the south of Nigeria, there is a place Igbo-Ora.It is called the country of twins.A rare woman gives birth there one by one.Well, it is clear - through the maternal line in one place ... That's where the Klondike for Experimental Medicine.Gemini - this is the golden fund of science, but few of them in the world - only 1.2%.

mobile phone affects the fetus. But it is true.Limit your use, keep away from the stomach.Put a conversation on the speaker, not in your hands.And then, dear women, you will soon hear enough as ora and shouting that enjoy the quiet while you can.

the full moon will be born more children. checked in France and in Italy.This is not true - the number of births is distributed evenly on the lunar cycle.Just in the phase of the full moon people behave a little nervousness.But giving birth is quite evenly.

sharp-spicy food - the child will have colic. has nothing to do with children's colic.What makes the taste characteristics of food, do not get to the fetus.There is protection from pepper, salt and all spices.Pregnant women are at the sharp little quirks, salty.Do not be afraid, just ask the body, and if physicians are allowed.Many do not, because excess water will drink, and that the load on the kidneys, swelling.Yes, and morning sickness can begin.

Sex during pregnancy can hurt the baby's head. absolute lie.I do not advise doctors only in case of a threat of miscarriage, infection, trauma.Is not the child is a little abstinence in such cases?

During pregnancy, it is impossible to do a professional cleaning of the teeth. It's wildness.Cleaning should be done every 6 months, and especially during pregnancy.Clean the dentist, clean and floste home, scrape the tongue, dental rinse agents.It is not true that every pregnancy carries a tooth.This is your irresponsibility carries your teeth.When planning a pregnancy, we must first heal the mouth, becauseduring pregnancy, it happens that, vomit or you have to treat your teeth without anesthesia and painkillers.

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